Hello dear readers. I’m back home from Italy. The last days I have spent in Venetia with my classmates. We went to the Biennale, one of the biggest art fairs in the world. It was a very good experience and I definitely wanna go back to the land of pizza and wine. Of course I bought some souvenirs to go back to that place and time. Some people buy magnets or mugs, I go for fragrances.


But first … 

Look at the view, the first day in Italy the weather was perfect and I loved the deep blue Mediterranean air and water. Not even talking about the smell of the air … loved it. After this beautiful day it started to rain …

But that wouldn’t do anything to the fun we had because we did. I slept in a room with 6 close classmates of me and I couldn’t have wished for something better.

We slept at the Generator Hostel, a good one if you plan to visit Venice. Soft blankets, a clean bathroom, fancy interior and good cocktails. The food is mwah, but I would say go eat somewhere down the canals in a dark narrow street and you will find the best hams, pasta’s and wine.

Allright, before I go into the fragrances , just take a look at this:


Kind a fancy eh?

Let’s talk about: Fragrances 

There are two fragrances I got home to Holland with me. One is quite a fresh and herby one and the other is strong and sweet. Both fragrances are amazing so if you are interested, read the reviews below.

Number 1: L’erbolario Periplo


This scent is something so different I would normally get. It’s very aqua-ish, herby and fresh but at the same time very classy and calming.

The shop I bought this fragrance is called: Segreti Di Belezza and is next to the San Zaccaria Church. A beautiful store with a lot of nature-based skincare products and fragrances. A very luxurious shop to me.


Passion & Tradition
These two words reflect what is the spirit of the founders of L’Erbolario, tradition and passion with full respect for what nature has to offer.
Modern mining techniques offer pure plant derivatives that are used for the production of products with excellent caratteristics proven.
For the beauty of the face, person, scented lines, for the beauty of hair, man, the little, the sun and the outdoors, homeetc.
A series of products that covers 360 degrees what is the need to feel good about themselves with others and in harmony with nature.

(from the website of the shop)

The scent

This scent is exactly what kind of scent I would give Italy, or Venetia in general. It truly reminds me of the Mediterranean air. With lot’s of different notes like rosemary and thyme it also smells like a fresh Italian salad.  This scent really last long on the skin and it wasn’t even that expensive. € 21 euros and your’e done.  I also got a bunch of samples from the same line that can be used as a body lotion together with this scent.

Here are the notes: 

Topnotes: Petitgrain, orange, mandarin, lime, basil, chamomile, caraway, thyme, rosemary, lavender, pine,  myrtle, bay-leaf

Midnotes: Ceylon cinnamon, koriander, nutmeg, jasmin

Basenotes: Cedar, Sandalwood, cetiver, guiac wood, oak moss

A bunch of fancy notes right! Jasmin is the only flower that has been used. I think to make it more woman-friendly. To me, even without the Jasmin that is very little noticeable, I would have bought this. It’s amazing, fresh and smells expensive.

Definitely check out this brand because I’ve heard that they have a ton of other good fragrances.

Number 2: Fan di Fendi – Leather Essence

Another scent I got, wasn’t really planned but I got it at the airport Marco Polo and I just really had to add this to my collection. When I think about Italy I imagine people wearing fancy clothes and expensive Italian leather bags. This is exactly how the scent smells. Expensive, and leather.

The woman that helped me in the store was very enthusiastic about it. And after the first sniff I just couldn’t resist walking to the counter and get my card out of my pocket … *shame on me*.

This is the only sweet and heavy leather scent I absolutley adore. It is deep and powdery, strong and feminine. The smell of an expensive leather handbag. Very well done. She told me that Fendi is going to stop making fragrances *like they did a couple of years ago* and I’m already sad that this is going to be discontinued.

The notes

Topnotes: Manderin, Elemi Resin

Midnotes: Rose, Leather

Basenotes: Tonka bean, Musk, Vanilla

The lasting power is amazing, it is super strong but doesn’t give me a headache like some other fragrances will do. Really a nice one for a date night or party. (But we all know I will wear it during the day eventually.)

The fragrance was with a huge discount. 40%! I have paid €40 euros for this one so it was a very very good deal.


And here, a picture of me (in the yellow coat) with my classmates behind a painting. (oh wait it’s not a painting it is real!)

Thankyou for reading this and let me know if you know some more fancy Italian fragrances that I really need to check out!


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