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Yves Saint Laurent Manifesto review


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Don’t get me wrong. I love YSL. Elle is one of my favorite scents, and Opium is such a well done oriental. The brand represents luxury and classy designer bags for me. I just can’t believe this scent Manifesto is connected to YSL …  Not really a “manifest” ha-ha. Wanna know why I think it’s not good?

Like I said. I love YSL. Their scents are in your face, classy, powdery and sometimes on the vintage side. Price range, is ok. I know Manifesto isn’t a brand new one but I just never really took time to take a sniff on it. But … I got a sample with an order I did. So I gave it a try.


I’m disappointed. 

Iv’e seen the advertising for this (like the picture above) many times in glossy magazines and on billboards. I thought Manifesto was strong, heavy and full of patchouli and musk. What happened? What’s up with the paint? None of the notes I mentioned are in this scent. Let’s take a look below: 


Top: Black currant, bergamot, green notes

Mid: Lily of the Valley, Jasmin sambac

Base: Cedar, sandalwood, vanilla, tonkabean

Very common. If you say so. The black currant is very heavy in the opening, so is the bergamot. I don’t think it blends well. The Jasmin gives it that really 2014/2015 populair scent kind of vibe. It’s sweet and noticeable. Lily of the Valley … we are not friends. I think they added this to give it some kind of freshness. I don’t smell anything fresh. More like lemonade.

Base-notes are ok. I like the vanilla and tonkabean. The dry down is mwah … it’s sweet but it could have been something else. Not manifesto. That changes from fresh to sweet. 

a + is the fact that it lasts long on the skin. Like many YSL fragrances do.

Also I think the design of the bottle is great.

Advertising, horrible. Just my opinion.

Price range: Affordable. 

The funny fact is, that I think this scent is really reminiscent of the Emporio Armani Lei. If you need a reminder, here is a picture:

But, I also think that Lei or “she” is more complex and beautiful than Manifesto. It contains almost the same notes, but Lei is more fruity in the opening and warmer in the base-notes. A much better blend. This scent is calming to me. And Manifesto just makes me nervous, because I’m constantly waiting for this scent to open up like a flower and be gorgeous. 

Who would wear this?

I think that women that like to go for safe scents, but do like them to be kind of sweet would like this.

Also, I think younger girls would be able to wear Manifesto. Even tough YSL advertises it with a mature woman.

To me Manifesto can be worn as a daytime or nighttime scent. 

Have a good one!


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