Today I’m going to talk about my pets. I have 2 pet rats for about a year now. When I used to live with my parents I also had 2 ratties but they never turned one. When you invest in a rat you have to remind yourself that the maximum age is 3//4 years old. But, I’m sure there will be a rat in this world that turned 5, or maybe 6.

Ok, enough about death. Let’s talk about the fun facts! Wanna know how to keep rats at home? How to take care of them, and give your rats the most pleasurable life ever? Click below!

Choosing your rat 

When me and my boyfriend decided to take care of 2 little rats. We went to a pet store nearby our house and where lucky enough to find these 2 little baby rats. 1 month old, very tiny and nervous. But beautifully colored. The brown colour is called: Aguti and the white/black one is called Japanese. This is the most common type of rat. Most pet stores have these one.

Of course, we thought about it a lot. A pet isn’t something you just buy in an impulse. (And if you do, overthink your actions).


This is Muis. It’s Dutch for Mouse. I like to give animals funny names or something ironic. Here, Muis was till in a glass box in the pet store.


And here you see Vlok. It’s Dutch for “Flake”. I called him that way because I used to eat a lot of “Vlokken” Dutch confectionary and … well he has some spots on his body … or flakes? Also, Vlok was still in his cage at the pet store.


We wanted to have a large cage for our rats to give them enough space to play and store their food. Rats are hoarders. They like to collect ever single bite. It’s important to give your pet that place.

The cage we wanted wasn’t available. So we had to wait for a couple of weeks for it to arrive at the pet store. So we could take them home with us.


This the cage we got. 3 floors, lot’s of space, stairs and easy to clean. The cage is the most expensive part of keeping ratties. Look at the lazer eyes by the way. Blame it on the iPhone.

Taking care of your rat, feeling comfortable.


When you decided to take care of your rats, you need to give them a lot of attention in the first months. They need to get used to each other and a new space, but also being comfortable with YOU! Muis and Vlok has changed a lot over this year. At first they were kinda nervous, young and fragile. Right now they are calm, can take a nap with you on the couch or play.

Don’t give up when your rat is ignoring you. Also young rats do a lot of poops and pee. Make sure to have a towel or paper tissue around.



Rats need to eat healthy & balanced food. Our pet shop recommended us the Beapar care +. This is a mix of everything that is good for your rat. Our rats look healthy and shiny and have lots of energy.

On Sundays, we give them a hard boiled egg. Their favorite. Also rats can eat a piece of fruit, some cheese, plain crackers, or a nut. (Unsalted).


Also, give your rat enough fresh water. We give our rats 2 little bowls of food and 1 bottle of fresh water every morning. In the evening, they get something little.

Rats & other animals


It’s possible to keep other pets besides rats. Dogs, cats, it just depends on how they react. In the picture above you can see Giel. He is a bullterrier and is very lazy, doesn’t care about anything and is even scared of rats. A good mix. If you have a dog or cat that get’s stressed easily keep them away. It’s not fair mixing a strong animal with a weak and tiny one.

A cosy cage


The smaller the better. Rats love little holes and boxes to sleep in. When Vlok and Muis used to be a baby we only got one of these green bowls. Right now we have two because Vlok turned out to be a big rat. And he doesn’t fit anymore.

Also, rats love fabric. Especially fleece. The downside is that they like to chew and your home-made or expensive ratty box is gone in a week.


Weight update


Rats can weigh between 200 / 500 grams. We have been weighting our rats every month to see their proces.

I just typed this in notes. Of course the rat emoji is perfect.


How to keep a cage clean and fresh?

We use kitty litter. And 2 times a week we make sure to fresh it up. Once a month you need to clean the whole cage, and put some odour-stop on the bottom of the cage. This prevents the nasty smell rats can have. You have to take care of your cage with care.

Rats get infections easily and they deserve a clean house. Just like you.

Other things you need to know.

– Rats are amazing.

– Rats are not dirty, they are the most clean animals.

– Rats are easy to train. (We didn’t train them because I’m not a fan of that.)

– Rats need attention everyday.

– Male rats are more friendly and smell less.

– Female rats are a little harder to keep.

– If they make a high noise they are playing.

Thanks for reading! And hello from Mister Vlok.


Do you have pet rats? Or do you have any questions?

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