Iv’e written a Dutch blogpost about this scent a while back. But, since I decided  to switch over to English I need to re-write everything. And that’s no problem! Because I can re-think my review and maybe change some things. Because we all know, opinions change overtime.

We all know that Chanel is a brand that is famous for it’s stylish way of advertising. The very classy and minimal packaging and scents that basically everyone knows. Chanel No5 and No19 are noticed as “old lady” type of scents. Chanel also has a more modern take on fragrances. Think about Coco Mademoiselle and Bleu de Chanel for men.

What I love about Chanel is that everything, from the clothes to the scents, is so timeless. The quality of the perfume bottles are heavy and solid. Chanel is one of the brands that gives me “that luxury” feeling and I think other people would agree on that. It’s no surprise that this brand still exist after so many years.

Bleu de Chanel is a woody type of scent with a light citrus and a warm note of amber. You can compare it with Sauvage by Dior. (Some people say Dior got the formula from Chanel) but it’s less sweet. It’s a scent that isn’t something you would link with Chanel. I expected it to be more dark and heavy.

In a world where we are blown away by One Millions and Spicebombs, this is back to basic. Bleu de Chanel represents what a scent is about: Smelling good. And that’s what makes it Chanel again. The simplicity, the concept.

To me, this sent is quite universal. You can easily give this to any type of men as a gift. That’s why it’s so popular. Tough, Iv’e been reading a lot of negative reviews about Bleu de Chanel. I can’t understand why. Maybe it’s not a masterpiece but I think that wasn’t the intention while creating this scent. It’s very versatile. That’s what makes it good.

Let’s take a quick look at the notes, that are in no particular order.

Nutmeg, ginger, sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver, woody notes, mint, lemon, jasmine, inscense, cedar, pink pepper, amber, and labdanum.

The strange think is that I can’t find how the scent is build. So I fully trusted my “right now well experienced” nose and took a sniff.

At first I smell a lot of citrus and woody notes. Maybe a light jasmin, a little mint. The opening is really fresh. More like a sporty type of scent. I can’t link this to the sexy dark advertising Chanel created with this perfume. But …

When the dry down comes, the patchouli, amber and insence give the scent that really warm vibe what I love the most about this scent. It doesn’t loses the freshness how it started, but it’s blended well into the skin. The special thing is that the mint note stays during the development. Even in de base notes I still find a little bit of mint. A good combination. Well done.


Ofcourse, the iconic Chanel bottle. Classy, heavy and glass. High quality with beautiful dark blue glass that sometimes look black. The cap is magnetic, so it locks the perfume into the bottle and feels manly. Because you feel power. It’s in the details.

Besides with Jean Paul Gaultier le Male, this is one of my favorite commercial scents for male. I highly recommend this one.

My boyfriend bought it because of my advice. I’m a happy pup!

Bleu de Chanel Edp 50 ml  is €62,95

Author: FragrancyKim

The first Dutch perfume blog written by a girl. My name is Kim and I run the perfume blog Fragrancy. Fragrancy was born on April the 15th. I was looking for a place online to share my love for perfumes with other people. Besides this blog I work as a fulltime teacher.

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