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Tattoo talk / My experience , advice, after care , etc.


Today I’m going to talk about tattoos. I started my journey finally this year. I decided to go for my ultimate dream-goal / a body full of art. 

In this blogpost I will tell you my story and experience. I will also give you some advice that worked for me. I own 3 tattoos right now. 2 Smaller ones and one large piece. All done by the same artist Massimo Luciani. He works in Amsterdam at the moment and is one of my favorite artist. 

This post might be a little un-inspired, because there are a ton of people with tattoos and made a video about it. But hey, it’s my blog, and I like to tell people about experiences … so let’s go.

So you want a tattoo.

  1. I’m going to sum up some bullet points for you to make it easy to read:
  2. A good tattoo isn’t cheap.
  3. A good tattoo is worth a wait. Even if it’s a year.
  4. Tattoos do hurt. (But it depends on high your pain tolerance is and of course the  spot you get tattooed on.)
  5. Tattoos don’t always have to mean something.
  6. Tattoos are the number one thing people will talk about when visible. Prepare yourself for questions. Over and over again.
  7. Tattoos are something you need to think about. Never get something impulsive done. 
  8. Tattoos are done by professional artist. Respect their way of working and how long they take time to prepare, etc. 
  9. You can’t make a deal with the artist, respect the price.
  10. Make sure to find an artist that is good at the specific style your’e looking for.
  11. Be sure to arrive clean with easy clothes.
  12. Eat a good breakfast / lunch. Make sure to eat a lot of sugar to get your blood sugar sky-high to prevent fainting.
  13. Buy Bepanthen. (more of this below).
  14. Make sure to take a day off the day after. (when you get something big done)

Allright I already gave you 14 tips. Let’s get into more details.

My tattoos

I decided to start my tattoo journey  in 2015. I’ve saved enough money, we (me and my boyfriend) found the right artist and made an appointment. I also had the idea very clear in my head. This is something I really wanted, this is something to go for. 

I didn’t knew what to expect. Iv’e watched some Youtube vids of people telling how it felt, how much pain it was, etc. Nothing helped me so my advice in the first place is: Do not listen to other people, just find out yourself. 

The day before my tattoo I was nervous. Ain’t  gonna lie. A bunch of needles on your skin isn’t a nice idea. But thinking about the result … made it all go away. My first tattoo was a big one. Actually this tattoo is done in 2 sessions. You can see a picture of it below. 


The darker part (the rose and lettering) was done 2 months before I got the other flowers done. The above the rose.

When this picture was taken it was 3 hours after the 2nd session. It’s very red and dark. This will go away soon. All my tattoos healed in 6 days. 

This tattoo took 5,5 hours total. And yes it hurts. This one was painful. On a scale of 1 to 10 I would give this an 8. Especially the ribs and hipbone.

During my first session I listened to music. My tattoo artist is a calm guy. He is not a big talker and I love that he just focuses on his job. Music helped me trough the painful parts. At one point I almost passed out but I give you some advice: COCA COLA!

The 2nd part, the part that’s red in the pic above. Was my 2nd session. I knew what to expect and for some reason I wasn’t nervous anymore. Yep it was painful again, but this time I didn’t listen to music and just focused on something else in the room. At that time it was very busy in the shop so I could listen to other people talking.


After that 2nd session I also decided to do something else after it. I wanted to get the portrait of my favorite dog breed: The English Bull terrier. My parents used to have a bully but she died early. Right now they have another bull and I absolutely love these dogs. I got this because I want to fill my lower leg with some random funny tattoos. Like a sketchbook, that’s why this style is different and less realistic. I’m planning on getting a rat to. 

This one didn’t hurt at all. I could compare it to a cat scratch or a sunburn. Maybe it was because the other one was so painful this wasn’t even noticeable, but Iv’e heard from other people that leg tattoos don’t hurt that much. (except for the inside of your calves and knees/ upper leg).

3 SESSIONS DONE! All your money is gone.

Like I said in my bullet points. Tattoos are expensive. You need to think about 120 euros for one hour. Some people do it for cheap but to be honest … you really can tell.

After these I took a little break and decided to get another one.

I got the word “ Twentyone” on the inside of my arm. This is my lucky number done in freehand lettering. This one was also very annoying. I would give it a 6 on the pain scale. 

I’m planning on getting a portrait of my mother in February. Meanwhile I’m thinking about other things to add on my body.


Good aftercare is the key for a good tattoo. Here is my procedure. It worked really well.

After your tattoo, the artist wraps it with plastic foil. You can take that off when your’e home. The first washing session starts.

Make sure to buy:

No perfume, no added chemicals. And paper towels.

– The first session when you get home, you wash yourself with some cold water and clean your tattoo with the hand wash. After that, you pad it dry with the cotton paper and use the Bepanthen cream to keep it moisturized.

– The next morning, you repeat that.

– During your lunchtime, you use Bepanthen.

– In the evening, you repeat step one.

You will do this for one week. And you can use as many Bepanthen you want. You need to make sure your tattoo is moisturized during the healing procedure.

After 3 days you will notice your skin will start to flake. Don’t pick or scratch yourself, it will give you scars and your tattoo will look damaged. If you do, good luck on having a white spot somewhere you don’t want it.

After one week, you quit the Bepanthen and a normal body cream is fine.

Make sure to not wash the other part of your body with any kind of perfumed soap/gel. 

Washing your hair is hard, I know. But try to minimize the amount of shampoo that will get on your fresh tattoo.

Or just don’t was your hair.

Finding a good artist isn’t easy. Don’t give up.

I wanted to get something really specific done. Especially my rose tattoo. We have been searching for a long time to find someone with the style we wanted. Don’t give up if you can’t find someone. 

(Me in Poland, Ksiaz) 

Protect your tattoo with sunscreen sf 30 or higher.

Always put sunscreen on your tattoos. This will keep the quality high for years. If you don’t they can turn out green. 

Also don’t swim in chloric water the first 2 months.

Don’t forget to have fun. Don’t drink a lot the day before, don’t take pain killers, don’t hesitate. Just go for it.

Life is to short to be boring.

Much love.

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