Today I review something special. My boyfriend his sister started her own soap making company and a week ago she lounged her website and her hand-made soaps are finally available. Because my boyfriend made her website, (and I did the logo) she gave us this box of soaps. Wich I’m going to review. Each soap is available on the website (besides some other products) so you don’t have to order a full box.

Click below for information about ingredients, pictures, etc.

Marloes started making soaps because she was done with the chemical ingredients in regular bath & shower products. With a love for nature and hand-crafted products she decided to make her own soaps in her kitchen and use her attic to storage them. (And believe me it smells amazing up there because I’ve been there)!


Here you can see the box we received. Beautiful simple packaging. When you open the box you will be overwhelmed by the aromas. Good fact: all the aroma’s are natural! So is everything else in this box.

Here is some background info:

100% natural

All the products only contain natural ingredients. The base of the products is made out of oils and butters. There are no artificial colors used and no raw-materials. Every colour is because of the natural ingredients. To achieve a nice scent there are essential oils added from different types of plants. The oils have a caring and moisturizing effect. There are no preservatives used because of the natural saponification.

Good for the environment

Products based on natural ingredients are less harmful for the environment. The ingredients of Het Natuurlijke Zeepje are made without micro-beads, animal fats, and dirt from the oil industry. The product is biodegradable.

Now look at the soaps

Ylang Ylang soap




Saltsoap Hammam


Saltsoap Palmarosa



I have been using the Hammam Soap and the Saltsoap Palmarosa and I have to say. This is really really nice. Especially the Hammam soap wich contains Patchouli one of my favorite ingredients in bath products and scents. The soap is very mild and the scent lingers on my skin after showering.

I’m not a fan of rose-scent so the Palmarosa soap is scent-wise not my favorite but it works really good as a light-srub.

The products do dry my skin out a bit, but all kind of soaps do that in the end. I always use a body cream after showering so it’s not a problem. Using soap feels comfortable and more old-school to me. I also love that there isn’t a gigant  amount of foam while showering with these soaps. Because I’m not a big fan of that.

Also, these soaps will last you for months because you don’t use many of it to feel clean.

Marloes also makes shampoo-soap bars, and some other type of soaps. Make sure to check her website and order something 🙂

One soap is about € 5 euros. 


Have a nice day.

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