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The Bucketlist / 2015 + resolutions?


By the start of this year, I decided to make a bucket list. I realized how many things I’ve already completed this year. And I want to share them with you guys. This also made me think about my new resolutions, and maybe skipping some of the things I’ve added to my bucket list. Because we all change and maybe our goals do to.

I’ve you are curious to know what I’m talkin bout’, continue below, I will show you my completed goals and my goals for 2016.

I write down my goals in Wunderlist. This is a free app available in the App store my boyfriend once recommended and now I use it to make lists.


This is a part of my list , It’s in Dutch but I will translate everything for you into English.

But before I do that. Let’s talk about the goals I achieved this year! 


I completed 7 goals. 

1: Buy Chanel nr 5

Just something that has been on my list for ages but for some reason I never got it.

2: Get a Bullterrier tattoo

Because … bullies make me happy.

3: Start a blog

And here you are!

4: Make your own website

I designed my own website by learning to code at CodeCadamy!

5: Get tattoos

And I got 3 this year!

6: Make my business official by signing in with the Chamber of Commerce.

My illustration and graphic design business is running.

7: Get a manicure (professional at a salon)

I realized I could have done this myself but the experience was nice.

As you can see, I’m proud of my list. It might not look a lot but some of these goals took a while. Right now I will show you what is on my list for 2016 and the things I want to delete or replace.

Buy designer shoes 
Buy a designer watch (or vintage)
Buy a designer bag (or vintage)
Going to Russia
Learn to play Guitar (at least 2 songs)
One week no make-up (in public)
One month no-coffee
Quit smoking
Living without medication or pills
Professional photoshoot
Swimming with dolphins
Growing my hair out
Tell people about depression
Buy a dog
Taking my parents out for dinner
Get married
Get my drivers license
Get my motorcycle license
Vind a fulltime job after my study
Get a massage
Finish my Bachelor
Parachute jump
Learn Spanish

As you can see, there are quite a lot of goals I want to achieve. I won’t say these will all happen in 2016 because it isn’t realistic. That’s why I’m going to delete some of them to get more focus for the year of 2016. And prepare myself and save money for it to happen. But first I need to add some extra things because there are some more goals I would love to achieve.

Get eyelash extensions for once

Get solar nails

Buy something from Swarovski

Do a whole house cleaning day

Read one book each month

Buy a leather jacket that will last forever

Buy a nightstand

Learn how to create a viritual reality game in Unity 3D

Buy pumps


So , after adding these I have 39 goals on my list. To many are expensive so I can’t just achieve them all. That’s why I’m going to be tough for myself and make a selection so I have something to focus on and save money for …

I made 3 categories, you can see them below. I ordered my new goals in these subjects.

1: Free/cheap

Learn Unity

Every month a book 

Buy a nightstand

Clean the whole house

A week without makeup

One month no coffee

Quit smoking

2: Expensive


Buy a Swarovski jewelry piece 

Get Solar nails

Buy designer shoes

Go to Russia

Professional photoshoot

Taking my parents out for dinner

Get my drivers license

3: Working hard and be lucky

Writing a book

Get a nice fulltime job

Bachelors degree 

And that my friends. Is my new list for the year of 2016. Things I’m going to focus on and hopefully achieve. This list gives me focus in life and it feels so good to stripe things off my list!

What are your goals?

Let me know!

Much love

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