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Zara casual spice/ Dupe of Histories de parfums Hemingway 1899


It is dupe time again! And I found this one myself and I realized it smelled really similar to something I already knew … exactly to be on point. This ZARA scent is an exact dupe of the fragrance below:


An expensive niche brand. Histories de Parfums. Wanna know my review and prices? Take a look!

A while ago I walked into Zara on the hunt for a gift for my boyfriend. I couldn’t find anything until I saw the fragrance counter and tried some of the testers. Honestly, most of them I disliked or are a bad interpretation of a designer scent. Of course One Million was there to. But nothing tops the original one I like.

My boyfriend has a scent by Hugo Boss, it’s the one in the red bottle and black tip. I thought that this ZARA scent would be an interpretation of that one. But then I smelled it …


I didn’t even looked at the price and got this. When paying I was shocked by how ridiculously cheap it was. €15 euros! 

When I got home I gave it to my boyfriend and he loved it, I immediately took a sniff on the sample of the Histories de Parfums I still had left and made the conclusion that this is just 100% the same. And now compare the prices …

HDP = 105 euros

ZARA = 15 euros

That makes a difference of:  € 90 

And it was my best cheap fragrance buy ever. 

But how does it smell?

Actually I realized I’m going to give you a review about both scents. So let’s take a look at the notes.

Bergamot, Pink pepper, Lavender, Pepper, Tonka bean, Musk, Vanilla and I also smell a bit of cinnamon. I would describe the scent of this smell as sharpener! And if there would be a male version of Yves Saint Laurent’s Elle this would be it. 

The lasting power of the scent is amazing. It’s an eau de toilette but it stays on my boyfriend the whole day. It developed more into a spicy vanilla during the day that some men could find to womanly but if your’e into Dior Homme Intense, or Van Cleef & Arpels Midnight in Paris, this could be perfect for you.

So, you could give this a try. It’s cheap, smells expensive, and maybe you want just a refill of your HDP 1899.

I will take a look at the womens section soon, maybe I spot another good deal!

Have a nice day.

Much love

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