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I’m a fan of oudh based fragrances. At first I kinda thought it was more of a masculine note, but right now I love it so much I dedicate a post to my favorite oudh or “oud” scents.

Maybe you are not familiar with oudh? That’s no problem because I’m going to give you some basic information first.

Oudh = Agarwood , but the most common name is the Arabic way. So I keep saying Oudh because I love the word. You pronounce is as: Oet *in Dutch* and Ooht in English.

Information about Oudh

Oudh has been used during religious ceremonies in Arabic / Indian countries but also in China and Japan. Oud was the high-class inscence of that time and was also used during celebrations.

Also, Oudh has been used as a medicine for stomach problems, colds and skin diseases. Some people say that it’s an aphrodisiac … might me true!

Oudh develops when a tree from the Aquaria-family get’s infected by bacteria and fungus. The tree starts to protect itself with some heavy scented wax that creates cracks in the skin of the tree.

The heart of this wood starts to get darker and darker, some trees can be 100 years old! Out of the black inside the wood people distillate the luxurious oil called Oudh. Sometimes people create new cracks in the tree so it can develop more Oudh by time. Below you can see a tree with Oudh.


How does it smell

This is really difficult to tell in words. I would say: Oudh smells strange, a little masculine, a little like sandalwood, smoke, something oriental and spicy. How I would imagine a Temple to smell. (Never been into a temple …)

I absolutely love scents that contain this very expensive oil. One kg of oil is about 15,000/20,000 Euros. That’s also the reason why only expensive brands use this as an accord.

4 scents I love that contain Oudh (WARNING expensive).



Midnight Oud Julliete has a gun € 104,00

This is one of the most wearable Ouds I know. With a a lot of rose and castoreum this scent is absolutely sexy and seductive.



Mona di Oro Oudh Osmantis € 285,00

This is more a spicy and green Oudh. Also very nice if you want to change things up. This one is also the most exspenive in this list. The orange and Patchouli really give it an oriental vibe.



Guerlain Santal Royal € 145 (unisex)

Neroli, leather rose and Oudh. A heavy one but amazing for men & woman. This is an exclusive and hard to get. I know the Dutch store Bijenkorf sells it at the Guerlain counter, that’s were I smelled it the first time and fell in love. It’s perfect for cold weather and lingers forever. Also love the packing 😉 Guerlain fan talking here.



Aqua di Pharma colonia essence Oudh  € 185 (unisex)

If I had the money to splurge my boyfriend on this one I would defintely get this. This s is the scent of new shoes, a new leather bag, it’s unisex but more on the male side. It’s sexy, dark and sweet. I love the koriander note in this!


So my friends, now you know a little more about Oudh. Oudh is hot and definitely worth to try! If you know some more Oudh scents I really have to test let me know in the comment section below.



Have a nice day.

Much love.

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