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2015 thank you letter + a round up of all the scents I bought + the winning fragrance of the year. *long post*

Woah 2016, a few hours and we are going into a new year! I realized yesterday that it’s been already 16 years ago since the millennium and I still remember it like yesterday. It was all over the news, internet would disappear, etc. 

Anyway I’m going to write a thank you letter to 2015. And I will make a round up of all the perfumes I bought or got in 2015. Also I chose a winner of the best fragrance for me this year.  Let’s go !

A thank you letter to 2015

2015, this year started with good intentions. I stopped smoking for 9 months but in April I started again. By the start of the year I invested a lot of time into painting at school and got a 9 for drawing class. I dyed my hair red in February because I wanted to change something. I also chopped my hair off. I learned to code in HTML / CSS and created my own website. I saw LIGHTS live in Amsterdam the Melkweg, and I learned how to draw by using a Wacom. I made some new friends and visited the Stedelijk Museum a lot. 2015 was also the year I made my own pop-up card by using a lazer printer and Adobe Illustrator. In this year I also started using my polaroid camera again and took more than 20 pictures. I wrote a thesis and got my first tattoo. Went to Scheveningen with my boyfriend to celebrate our day. Went on a motor cycle trip trough Holland and started doing ceramic. I saw my family a lot but I haven’t seen my friends that often. When the weather was getting warmer I went to the vondel park to drink beer, looked after Giel (my parents dog) and changed my interior. Had lots of BBQ’s and went camping in Poland for 2 weeks.  Got my boyfriend a record player and got myself an iPhone 5s Gold. Saw Inside Out by Pixar in theatre and saw Timbre Timbre live. I turned 24, started my own business and this blog Fragrancy and went to Auschwitz for the first time. I got 2 extra tattoos and bought amazing retro chairs for our living room. I had lot’s of horror movie nights with friends, and did a photoshoot in part underwear. I also went to the Apelheul and looked for a bullterrier to adopt. This year I started working as a teacher, went to the hospital quite a lot and felt sick of my IBS many times. I started the last year of my bachelor. Went to venice and started to create cards for Thortful, I decluttered my closet and gave a lot to charity. I got to many Chanel items and I started painting with oil paint. I was a make-up artist with my sister at an event, and I drank to many red wine. My boyfriend bought me the most amazing vintage dressing table, and I got myself solar nails. I dyed my hair black, celebrated Christmas and cooked. Did a workshop with kids at the animal farm. And this is the last day of 2015. Thank you for all these opportunities and chances I got. This was truly a good year for me and I learned a lot of good stuff ! 

All the perfumes that made it to my collection in 2015

I splurged a lot of fragrances this year. But who am I to care about money because we all have hobbies ! Here is the list:

Alien essence absolue by Thierry Mugler

  1. Elle by YSL
  2. Fan di Fendi leather essence 
  3. Cartier Must de cartier
  4. L’erbolario Periplo 
  5. Angel by Thierry Mugler 
  6. Shalimar L’eau Intial by Guerlain 
  7. Dior poison
  8. Truth or dare naked madonna
  9. Pani walweska noir
  10. Hypnotic poison Dior
  11. van Cleef & arpels midnight in paris
  12. Chanel Cristalle
  13. Chanel No5
  14. Womanity Thierry Mugler
  15. Costume national 21
  16. Gucci by Gucci 

And now you realize how much you actually got … but there is one winner after all … and I think you guys already know what it is going to be …

My favorite of the year is Alien essence absolue ! 

And this my friends is my last post of 2015. I wish you all the best of luck and health for 2016 and remember:



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