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3 designer scents that contain licorice below €50.


It’s the national number one candy in The Netherlands. It’s salt or sweet, black and sometimes white. I’m talking about licorice, and how it works so well in scents!

By the way let’s just start with a question. Is it really true that foreign people dislike the taste of liqorice because everyone in Holland thinks so … ? I just can’t imagine really, it’s one of my favorites. And also as an accord in perfume.

Today I will show you some of my favorite licorice perfumes that are affordable. I am sure there will be some pretty good niche ones as well but it’s January and a lot of people are low on cash … so I start with an article with affordable perfumes.


Diesel Loverdose EdP €45,36

I finished a bottle of this perfume a year ago and I’m thinking of buying it again. This one is the heaviest fragrance of this list and really became one of my favorites. It lasts the whole day and it’s very unique like the bottle it comes in. Many guys complimented me on this one, I’m sure there is something in this scent that attracts men … maybe that’s why it’s called loverdose?

Talking about the name .. when you spray to much of this you will have an overdose. It’s so strong and potent that you only need 2 spritz of it and you are good to go. This perfume is based on mandarin, jasmin, amber vanilla, licorice and star anise. 

Definitely something you have to get used to but worth a try. Diesel really surprised me with this one. A perfect clubbing scent. 

(Ps: sometimes I think there is something in this that reminds me of chocolate, anyone else?)


Lolita Lempicka EdP €40,25

Also one of the perfumes I used to wear a lot and I need to buy again because it’s unique and super long lasting. This is more a floral and fruity based licorice scent. Sweeter than Loverdose and a little more on the anise side. Also develops very nice during the day the dry down is so warm and almost milky. The opening can be quite sharp for some people and there is definitely a lot of cherry you can smell. This is for the more outgoing woman. 


Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire EdP € 45,00 

This is a classy licorice one. I know many people think that the whole LPRN range is for younger girls but I think the Eau de Parfum is really for more older women. This perfume is all about the cherry and berries, mixed with almonds, rose and patchouli and of course licorice. It’s a strange mix, and reminds me of some type of licorice you can buy in the Netherlands called: Red Band drop fruit duo’s. A mix of licorice and wine gums. Believe me it’s great.

Just like this scent. It blends so well. This scent doesn’t last long on the skin. That’s the only down side. 

So …

I love licorice! And it was nice to share these scents with you guys. Make sure to have a sniff when you get the chance and let me know which one is the best in your opinion! 

Have a nice day.

Much love. 

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