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A masterpiece by Sisley


This day is full of writing for me. I am on the couch and have a day off from work because my bladder is infected and it hurts. I’m trying to stay away from antibiotics because my IBS will be worse after that so I go for the natural way and drink lot’s of tea. To be specific : Green tea and Chai. Oh and coffee … 

Anyway I wanted to write a post about this beauty by Sisley for a while but I never felt like it? It’s strange that sometimes I just really feel enthusiastic about a perfume but I just can’t seem to come up with a good story or review. Allright enough blah blah and it’s time for some information about ….


Soir de Lune

Moon of the night, is the translated name by Google Translate. Pardon my French. Look at this beauty of a bottle. Some may find it over the top and tacky but I love it. Something different than the usual square. Above you see the limited edition of the scent, below you see the standart version. 


Maybe it’s just the picture but it looks a little dusty. Anyway we are here to talk about Soir de Lune and I will tell you a bit of info at first.

A sensual, intense and warm Eau de Parfum for women.

A unique fragrance inspired by an intimate and artistic world. Soir de Lune is the evening when love is revealed. This original fragrance reveals a strong personality, its spicy and smooth warmth evoking a subtly fruity bouquet.

Soir de Lune unveils with sensuality and allure its perfect blend of the freshness of citrus, the femininity and elegance of floral scents and the strong character of its woody and musky notes.

(Says the Sisley website)

The metal cap is designed by Polish sculptor Bronislaw Krzysztof. He makes some pretty nice art so it’s worth checking it out.

The scent

The first time I took a sniff of this is not that long ago. I think it was somewhere in October when I went into town and just was curious about this strange bottle on the top of the shelf. I already love Soir d Orient by Sisley so I thought this was kind of the same, or really really fresh. But it was nothing like I mentioned … 

Soir de Lune opens with a very vintage kind of vibe to it. Lot’s of nutmeg and coriander surrounded by oranges and lime. A heavy first sniff you need to develop, so I did. 

After one our or so, I took a sniff again on my wrist and noticed something strange happened. The scent completely changed into this beautiful floral composition with roses and violets. A very warm blend with the sharp opening. It really surprised me! Also the mimosa (which I normally kinda dislike) is really well done in this scent.

The dry down is warm and musky. Also the oakmoss is perfect with the rest of the notes. Soir de Lune is a beautiful mossy chypre that lasts forever on the skin. 


For some reason I have the idea that not many younger women will wear this. But believe me give it a chance.

It is an expensive one. 

30 ml / € 91

50 ml / 127,35

100 ml / € 181,80

But … you only need a tiny amount because it’s so potent. I am in love with this!

Thank you for reading.

What do you think of Sisley fragrances? 

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