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The scent that you always ignore …


I have to be honest, there are a few perfume brands I ignore most of the time. One of them is Estee Lauder. The brand just reminds me of *older women, and the perfumes don’t get my attention like other brands do.

But I came to the conclusion that Miss Estee Lauder really has a few beauties in the range of fragrances and one of them is Beautiful. A perfume I always thought I would hate but I have to admit … this is a really nice bouquet of white flowers! Read my review below. 

*category 60+ 


Discovering by accident

It was a week or 2 ago I went into town after work and decided to smell something new. Sometimes your nose gets used to fragrances and I wanted to have a new sensation. The shop I visited is a dutch perfumery and the lady behind the counter asked what I wanted.

I thought for that for a while and answered: “Something my mum would wear”. I think she thought I was older than I actually am … (which never happens because I look young but I am 24). So she recommended me Beautiful by Estee Lauder telling me this is something “Mothers like to wear”. I was surprised. My mother isn’t the kind of women to wear these type of scents. She is more into Sun by Jill Sander, Jean Paul Gaultier, or something stronger. Anyway, my mum is below 50 years old so I don’t blame her for thinking she was older than she probably thought.

Anyway, I took a sniff. At first I was kind of disappointed. Just another elevator scent. * She also said J’Adore would be great for mums and … Chanel Nr 19, and I love Chanel nr 19 but this is already familiar with me …

Anyway, I sniffed on the paper once again and I started to “get the vibe” this was something different than I expected. After I eliminated the Chanel scent she also showed me Knowing by Estee Lauder. Also a surprise for me, but more of that in the future !


How in the world could I love a scent like this. This s is everything I would dislike and I don’t know what makes it so good?

Here are some notes and a little background :

Beautiful is a floral fragrance that was launched in 1985. This is a romantic light bouquet of a thousand flowers, combined with fresh citrus notes in the top and warm woodsy notes in the base. The top notes include rose, mandarin, lily, tuberose and marigold. The intensive floral heart is sweet, consisting of orange flower, jasmine and ylang-ylang. The base notes are warm and elegant and include sandalwood and vetiver.
The fragrance range includes perfume, Eau De Parfum, Eau De Toilette, a bath and body line and several limited editions. ( 

* Elevator scents are a name I made up a while ago when I walked into the elevator of a hospital and realized it always smells like an eau de cologne or a white floral scent. 

The perfume is a perfect blend of fruity notes, floral notes and woody ones. I think because of the difference in layers it’s such a special treasure. I also like that Estee Lauder advertises this with wedding pictures. I really think this is an amazing wedding perfume and I believe a lot of bouquets would smell the same. 

You do gotta love white floral , but this is a nice one to start with. And even though it might smell kinda vintage / old to anybody, this is worth a try.

I especially love the dry down of this, and I asked for a sample so I can wear this and decide if I’m gonna add this to my collection.

Packaging … mwah not that great. Estee Lauder is not my favorite brand when it comes down to packaging. But hey … it’s the inside what counts and it’s pretty dam* good!


This is affordable! € 34,20 and you are done !

Do you have any experience with Beautiful? Let me know ! 

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