Something fishy? Womanity and why I love it so much.

I start this review with the strange commercial above. Like everything Thierry Mugler does, it’s over the top and on the tacky side. While Esteee Lauder focusses itself on the more mature woman and Chanel on the classy type of girl, Thierry Mugler gives us strong and independent ladies that most of the time kind of look like they are out of space.

I have a love/hate relationship with TM’s Angel, but I am in love with Alien and I kind of have an affair with Womanity … it’s not a scent I would wear on a daily base but when I do I feel amazing (and guess what what i am wearing today) so that’s why I thought about writing this review.

I have this scent for quite a while now, and I combine it with the body lotion that smells exactly the same as the fragrance, which is a plus! 

Wanna know more about this strange perfume? 

I fell in love with Womanity the first time I sniffed it in a perfume store. Lucky enough in the same week I received a free sample of the scent with an order I did online. Of course within 2 days the little sample was empty and I was left with the feeling of “I want more!”.

There was something so addictive in this perfume! And it also smelled like the sea, and salt … After looking up the notes I realized my nose was right.

The perfume consists of Fig, Kaviar, Fig tree, and of course … Fig leafs. 

The perfume starts very savory and sweet, but was it settles down the fig really does it’s job and it almost woody. The caviar gives it that spicy and savory detail which makes this perfume so special. The sillage is great, the dry down is sweet and warm. And, I always get compliment when I wear this ! 

Don’t worry, you won’t smell like fish. 

The concept

In March 2010 Mugler launched A web site with an idea that every woman cooperates in its creation and finishing touch. With an aim to create contents for the website, one story is finished by several women, each of them writing on her page.

WOMANITY was created as a part of this phenomenon. Connections between women are presented as chains and the ring on top of the bottle which is decorated with metal and symbolic design. The design of the top part of the bottle and beautiful figures can be interpreted as Gothic or Art Deco style. 


The perfume bottle is refillable, just like the other Mugler perfumes. And the good part is, you can get this in a 15 ml bottle like I did. (Eau de Parfum) and it was only €18 !

What is your favorite Mugler perfume? 

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