GUYS. I recommend that you read this*

It’s almost Valentine’s day. I ordered a XL card for my BF but it arrived a week to early so I’m kinda f*ckt and I thought, why not write a post about perfumes I  dislike and that are popular.

I  realized I never really talk about perfumes I just really really dislike. So this is going to be a post with every scent that makes me sick. I’m not going to talk about notes or whatsoever, just no.


*This is my opinion.

Slightly sarcastic. But I’m in the mood, humor is key.

The perfumes are not in any particular order. 



Cartier Baiser Vole EdP

This stuff is sour, a nasty lily, smelling old, cheap and ….. 90+


It’s always on sale, but no don’t buy it.


The worst.


Sour apple, no, this is just disgusting.


Used to have this. Makes me feel so sick. Like … having to throw up, no joke.


CHEAP. Just is so cheap .. why Gucci why?


This gives me bad vibes? And I don’t know why ..,? Maybe a teacher when I was younger.

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The first Dutch perfume blog written by a girl. My name is Kim and I run the perfume blog Fragrancy. Fragrancy was born on April the 15th. I was looking for a place online to share my love for perfumes with other people. Besides this blog I work as a fulltime teacher.

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