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The games vs perfume post part 2

A long time ago I wrote a post about scents and games. I can hear you thinking .. what? 

If you want to know why I did this click here to read post number one. And today or actually … tonight I will tell you what kind of scents I will connect to other games I have been interested in or played in the past.

*Special thanks to the Dutch YT channel Away from Keyboard for mentioning me in their last video, really appreciate this guys. Check out their channel if you are from Holland and love games, game reviews, and humor. 

Now let’s go back to the perfumes and games. I will talk about two. 

Remind yourself that this is completely personal but I try to capture a setting into a scent that suits well to me. If you agree, let me know! 

PS: I am not a die-hard gamer-girl, but I do love looking at games, how they are made, the whole vibe and of course the UI but I just can’t seem to find time for it. Except for Firewatch …. 



I start with my favorite of this month. 9 times out of 10, I never like a game enough to play it. When my BF plays GTA5 I like to watch in the background but me playing it myself … even the thought of it makes me tired. (I get very tired when playing games for some reason) but there is one game I have been looking forward to since 2014, and that’s Firewatch by Campo Santo. I will not spoil anything since I’m still in the game and not finished but it’s good. VERY GOOD. I play this on PS4 by the way. 

Henry : (main character)  CK one Summer / Unisex scent very light but on the same side very woodsy and it smells exactly like a walk in a hot summer forest would be like. *FUN FACT I once bought this for myself but I gave it to my dad and he still wears it sometimes! Not sure if it’s still available but I think Ebay would do a great job. 

Delilah  : Angel by Thierry Mugler – A very noticeable, gourmand. When the wind blows and you wear this I am sure 8 out of 10 people would recognize it. It’s a masterpiece by Thierry Mugler and it’s not a surprise it’s so popular. People hate this or love it, because it’s very strong and potent stuff. You only need one single spritz of it. If you are a fan of booze and chocolate, you might love this a lot. 

Home perfume – Firewatch vibe

I like to burn wax melts and here are two of them I used to have that really fit into the Firewatch vibe.

Oud Oasis

Midsummer’s night

Also for the Dutch readers, in Utrecht is a store that sells all the Yankee Candle wax melts, candles etc. It’s called Cosy Candles and you really have to visit if you love this stuff as much as I do! 


Until Dawn

In this game, you decide who’s gonna die. This sinister horror themed game is more like watching a movie (just like Firewatch) than playing a game and that’s exactly what I like. 

The girls: This was a hard one but I came to the conclusion that the girls from Until Dawn would be wearing something sexy to flirt with the guys. They also seem kinda … random to me so I would go for Miss Dior EDT and La vie Est Belle EdP – Girly, popular, random, flirty and … you can’t go wrong with this.

The boys: A different story, I think the boys seem more smart and put together. The scents I connect to the Until Dawn guys are:

And that’s the list!

Sometimes I find myself a weird person for thinking about scents when watching a movie, playing a game or even seing a person …. it might has something to do with my synesthesia? 

I hope you liked reading this post and see you soon!

Much love

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