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Nobody will complain … if you decide to go for safe.


I know that there are people in this world that dislike how I smell. They dislike the sweet sensation coming to their territorium as soon as I enter the room. It’s to offensive, to heavy, to much of patchouli or to much of … everything … for these people I created this list. *Feel my sarcasm* 

And also because I secretly like these fresh scents 😉 and I recommend them to you.

Of course my intro was a bit of a joke, but as the Dutch saying goes “In iedere grap zit een kern van waarheid.” Which means, every joke contains a part of the truth.” And the truth is … that a lot of people always tell me my perfume is to heavy or noticeable but they do like it , so it’s not that negative hah!

Even though I never wear fresh scents there are three I do love and I want to share. Most of them are not aquatic but more like fresh laundry. Cotton clean, crisp and white. 

I couldn’t find a commercial scent that would fit into this range. If you know a budget / commercial scent that is also in the category of the above let me know!

We will start with the cheapest

Moonbeam by Demeter €40

This scent is supposed to smell like a moonbeam, as all the Demeter fragrances have a particular subject … connecting a scent to moonbeam was quite hard for me. I couldn’t find anything I would say of: This is how a moonbeam would smell. But Demeter did so well and this is really a scent you need to sniff before buying it. It kinda reminds me of pineapples, baby wipes, roses and water. Like a luxurious face mist. Or maybe mist at night?

The scent doesn’t really last very long on the skin, it’s more an experience like all the Demeter perfumes are in my opinion. They also sell a perfume with the scent of dirt and even glue … 

Clean warm cotton EdP €75

This is how laundry smells like after it’s been out of the drying machine. Very cosy and fresh. I imagine soft towels and fuzzy blankets when I smell this. Fresh crispy bed sheets. I think not a lot of people would recognize you wearing a perfume because it smells so “natural” and normal to people.

You know, there are people that always smell like the same washing powder. This is what Clean warm cotton does for you. So if you don’t want to use fabric softener, (which is kinda bad for your clothes) but you do want the scent … go for this. I do think it is overpriced though, but it last quite long on the skin, ¾ hours and the bottle is mint green, which is my favorite colour. 

Creed love in White €170

Dear Creed … I don’t know what I gotta do with you. For some reason this brand never really got my attention. Maybe because I just dislike the tacky packaging? Anyway, love in white is a beautiful crisp clean scent with a floral hint. I have been reading online that Michelle Obama also wears this. And as you can see, it’s a first lady’s price range. The projection is great also is the sillage, you get what you pay for: quality.

I really love the dry down in this, the opening is quite harsh but when it settles it’s beautiful and lady like. If you want a non-offensive scent, this is the best one price/quality compared.

So that was my list. Let me know which ones are the best fresh scents in your opinion! 

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