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Silence on Fragrancyblog + Best perfume discoveries of the past month.


Hey my friends. I thought I would write an update about me, myself and I. As you might have noticed it’s a little silent on fragrancy.nl. Most of the time I find myself feeling bad about this in public transport when I have enough time to think, but  …. everything I am busy with will be worth it in the end.

So how is life?

Currently it is very hectic. I can honestly say this is the most hectic time in my life so far. I am writing a thesis for my Bachelor’s degree. I am doing an art project, work as a teacher, and have one course of Javascript to go to finish this year. Besides that I have to make a report about internship and I have to prepare for exhibition. This all will end by the mid of June. So it means I have a few months to get everything done and … of course find a job for next year. 

Besides all the stress, I feel pretty good. I am raised to be a person with quite a lot of discipline and I realize how much it helps me in times like this. Also I am going to a perfume masterclass at the Conservatorium Hotel this Thursday. Pretty exited about it! Currently I am also reading quite a lot of books. There are times I don’t read anything or I read 5 books at the same time like right now. I thought I would share them with you:

Currently reading 

Kompas – Isa Hoes

Stoppen met roken voor vrouwen – Alan Carr

Allemaal losers – Wilma de Rek

Messianisme zonder mededogen –  M. van Hamersveld, M. Klinkhamer

The Secret –  Rhonda Byrne

De rijkste vrouw van Yorkshire – Fouad Laroui

I miss blogging

I miss blogging a lot, I have so many nice perfumes I want to write stuff about but for some reason I just can’t seem to find inspiration or motivation. That’s why I am posting a little bit more on my Youtube channel at the moment. 


(Ryan Gosling is crying)

Perfume discoveries

Even though I am busy, my life is still all about fragrance and perfumes. In my time off I like to visit perfume stores, order samples and watch YT video’s of other perfume reviewers. I made a separate video about my favorite YT-ers so if you are interested give it a go!

I discovered and purchased a few amazing scents I want to share with you want want to write more about in the future.


Follow me

You can still follow me on other social media platforms. Like Instagram & Twitter but I do love getting e-mails from you guys! 

Hopefully I am back soon with another great review / post and see you soon!

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