First things first: My THESIS IS FINALLY COMPLETE. That means: more time to blog.

2ND you can win something. *SCROLL TO THE END OF THE ARTICLE* 

A while ago a Fragrantica member told me that Nana.M had the service to order scented cards for free! Since I don’t know this brand, I decided to order them and a week later an envelope arrived all the way from Grasse – France. 8 scent cards and a nice handwritten note. I love it when companies do that.

This review is going to be different than my other ones. I am going to smell every card and after that my boyfriend will. I thought it would be fun to include his impression and opinion to. We are both new to the stuff and my boyfriend is getting more into fragrance because of me. Hopefully he will be addicted too. Jesper if you read this. 😉


This is my boyfriend Jesper by the way. Isn’t he handsome 😉 (in St.Petersburg, read the blog here). 


The envelope.

First impressions by Fragrancy & Jesper. 

*Fact: Jesper was still in bed relaxing, I was being stressed out by my thesis … but hey this seemed like a good break to me.

Reve Fou

 I smell: Jasmine, Rose, Patchouli maybe incense or pine?

Jesper: Warm, flowers, vanilla?

The actual scent: Rosebay, pine, artemisia, pomerans, rose, raspberry, cinnamon, violet, benzoin, patchouli, vanilla

Reve de sensualité

I smell: Lavender, oakmoss, honey, pachouli, koriander, something oriental?

Jesper: Flowers …. apple ?! I don’t know!

The actual scent: Lavender, tuberose, patchouli, musk, vanilla, vetiver

Reve érotique

I smell: Something soft, powdery, violet, honey, jasmine?

Jesper: Sensual, warm, heavy!

The actual scent: Cinnamon, artemisia, rum, sandalwood, violet, guaiac wood, vanilla, musk, tonic bean, powdery notes

Une Ile Un Reve

I smell: Lush jungle, chypre, plants, patchouli

Jesper: Hmmm …. herbal stuff?

The actual scent: Rosemary, eucalyptus, rose, musk, black pepper, yang-ylang, tuberoos, Moroccan jasmin, Orange, Vanilla, benzoin, honey. 

Reve Piquant

I smell: Citrus, Turkish delight, fig, basil, citrus, lime, koriander, ginger

Jesper: That Lush scrub salt … rub rub … !

The actual scent: Ginger, oranges, citrus, white flowers, cedar, tobacco, benzoin

Reve Romantique

I smell: Musk, lichee, rose, lotus, bamboo … ???

Jesper: Flowers, I like this one, girly.

The actual scent: Orange, apricot, spar, cacao drop, mimosa, jasmine, lassie tree, hay, powdery notes, hay flower, amber

Poudre de Reve

I smell: Citrus, powder, jasmine, lilly, aldehydes

Jesper: Lush soap, this is nice.

The actual scent: Rosebay, ginger, freesia, ceder, iris, heliotrope, rose, musk, vanilla, sandalwood, vetiver 

Reve Royal

I smell: Nutmeg, tobacco, cedar, orris root, patchouli, inscence

Jesper: Sweet, with floral notes.

The actual scent: Osmanthus, artemisia, pine, iris, cashmir, wood, honey, mate, leather, vanilla, rose, benzoin


My favorites are the Reve Erotique and the Une Ile, Un Reve. The brand uses really nice and original compositions.


I am going to send all the cards to someone.  All you have to do is post a picture on Instagram or Twitter with the #fragrancyblog and tell me why you should win this sample pack.

You will also get a handwritten letter from me, and a little extra gift.



Have a good weekend !

Much love.

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