This week I filmed an unboxing video of my Lush haul. And I thought about making a post about Lush and my favorite products. So I took some pictures (with a better camera, let me know what you think) and today I will talk about all the products I have / had and which one I would recommend and what I think of it.

I cannot remember the day I noticed Lush actually existed, but it was on Tumblr I am for sure. With only one store in the Netherlands, Amsterdam to be exact I remember going there for the first time and buying a showergelly plus a piece of the karma soap. Since then my addiction started.

Right now, there are a lot of Lush stores in Holland, an online webshop and many products later … it is still one of my favorite skincare brands.


Here you can see all the stuff I currently own. I keep the soaps, shampoo bars, etc in a lunchbox but I need to find something else because it get’s dirty very quickly. The red soap you can see below is not Lush, but from Het Natuurlijke Zeepje, definitely check out the website because these soaps are very similar to Lush!


Here is a list of all the lush products I have used over the past 6 years. I do not include samples. My favorites are bold. I will tell you later in the article about them. 

Celestial face cream – Imperialis – Love lettuce mask – Mask of megaminty – Ocean salt – Tea tree water – Vanishing cream – Lipstick trust – Feeling younger skin tint – Dirty shaving cream – King of skin – Lemony flutter –  Soft coeur – Tender is the night – Rub rub rub – Sugar scrub – American creamJungle – Karma comba solid shampoo – Soak & float solid  – Hot oil treatment Kinky- Figs and leaves – Honey i washed the kids – Karma soap – Sandstone – Layer cake soap- Porridge soap – Rock star soap – Sea vegetable soap – Sultana of soap – It’s raining men – Yuzo & cocoa Grass –  The flying fox – Dragons egg – Sex bomb – The comforter – Yuzo & cocoa bubbleroon – Butterball – Breath of god perfume – Death & decay perfume – Karma solid perfume – Lust solid perfume – Snow fairy shower gel – Ponche shower gel – Lord of misrule shower gel – Silky underwear powder Limelight toothy tabs – Tea tree toner  – Damaged hair treatment – The rough with the smooth – Egg hunt – Sexy peel soap Softy foot lotion 

*Facepalm* I just realized I have been spending way to much money on Lush. 


(Egg hunt soap, from the Lush Kitchen)

My favorites


Lipstick – Trust

In the picture above you can see the lipstick on me. It is a very nice dark/purple/red type of colour. The formula is amazing, doesn’t dry my lips out, works like a lip stain and you get quite a lot of product. This is my first Lush lipstick and it really works well for me. The only downside is the packaging. I really like Chanel-ish type of lipstick holders that give me a luxurious feeling. This Lush lipstick looks more like eyedrops. But hey! The color is amazing!

Stays on my lips for: 5 hours with eating!

Dirty shaving cream

I like to switch between shaving products. Sometimes I use shaving foam, or shaving gel (for ladies) but all of the above are irritating. I never really thought I would spend a bigger amound of money on a shaving cream but since I use the Dirty cream by Lush … I really noticed a difference. First: The smell, is very natural and creamy with lavender and other calming ingredients. Second: it makes my skin feel really soft. The only downside is that the cream is quite oily and you really have to clean up your razor after shaving. Because it kinda sticks onto the blades. Also* I use a mens razor because I think they work better, and I get them in a 3 Euro pack at Lidl including an holder and 20 triple blades. (I have thick dark hair … so I have to). Pardon me.

Lemony Flutter

One of the best cuticle creams ever made. The scent is amazing, you get a lot of product, my nails grow faster …. what else? Since I have been a nail biter in the past, and a frequent user of solar-nails my nails really needed a treatment and since using Lemony Flutter they grow fast.

Rub Rub Rub 

A very bright blue scrub cream, that has almost the same consistency as Ocean Salt. The scent is tropical and fresh. Just a good basic scrub.

American Cream

One of the best conditioners in liquid form. The scent is crazy addictive, sweet like vanilla, it reminds me of popcorn a bit and the perfume Midnight in Paris by Van Cleef & Arpels. Also, makes your hair soft and less frizzy. The scent lasts forever. Tip: Do not use on the roots of your hair only in the ends. Also, I bought a decant from a fellow Fragrantica member that has the American Cream perfume!!! So exited to use!

Lush Jungle conditioner *solid*

The best. At first it was hard to use, but after a while I got used to it. The scent is very much like fragrance Chypre Mousse. I will write a blogpost about that this week. Stay tuned!

Soak & Float solid shampoo

With the scent of Breath of God perfume (I made a video about that one) this is my favorite Solid Shampoo. This removes all the dirt from your hair. I only use this on my roots and combine it with the Jungle conditioner.

Sultana of soap

This is the softest soap of Lush in my opinion. The scent is very natural and powdery clean. I really like this one for dry skin. In the end, al kind of soaps feel like they dry out in the end but Marloes, the producer of “Het natuurlijke zeepje” told me this is normal.

Grass shower gel * not available anymore

In Holland this shower gel is not available anymore. And I feel sad because it is one of my favorites. Yes it smells like grass, fresh cut grass on a spring day. A very unusual scent but really amazing.

Dragons Egg (click) 

Click on the name to see a short movie clip on my Instagram of this bath bomb. I bought this in Russia. The scent was really nice and it left my skin feeling super soft. Also I loved the colour of the bathwater.

Breath of God perfume

“Watch the video here” 

Ponche Showergel *limited

Oranges, cinnamon and patchouli all together. This one was al limited edition in Holland 2 years ago. The perfect Fall type of shower gel because it smells like a carrot cake or a pumpkin spiced latte.

Silky underwear powder

I’m pretty new on this product but I love it already. This jasmin scented powder gives your skin a silky feeling and a subtile hint of perfume. It is a luxury using it.

Limelight toothy tabs

I was a little scared using this but I can honestly say they clean my teeth better than my regular toothpaste, I love the lime taste an I feel my teeth look whiter. Also this is very useful for traveling.

The rough with the smooth scrub

This rough block of scrub is perfect for extremely dry parts of my skin. Like my upper leg, knees, feet and legs. Also this sub moisturizes a bit and the scent is the same as the Lord of Misrule shower gel. (Halloween 2015 edition).

Sexy peel soap

Citrus , citrus, citrus. This is such an energetic scent. Perfect for mornings you cannot seem to wake-up. Usually I shower at night and use this soap too, but it is especially great for waking up! Also leaves my skin with a nice subtile citrusy scent.

Softy foot lotion 

Last but not least, a foot lotion. Also luxury, this lavender lotion is really calming and makes my feet feel very soft. (Especially after using the rough with the smooth scrub) Great combo!

Let me know what your favorite Lush products are. I cannot wait traveling to the UK and buy items we don’t have in Holland.

Much love.

Author: FragrancyKim

The first Dutch perfume blog written by a girl. My name is Kim and I run the perfume blog Fragrancy. Fragrancy was born on April the 15th. I was looking for a place online to share my love for perfumes with other people. Besides this blog I work as a fulltime teacher.

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