There are a couple of stores in Holland I absolutely love and Skins Cosmetics is one of them. They sell a large variety of niche brands and their customer service is outstanding. Well known people with a passion for luxury brands. I highly recommend going there if you visit The Netherlands. But more about perfume stores in Holland soon …

Today I review the first edition of the Skins box. Or “discovery box”. I used to have a membership on the “Bluxbox” in the past but I canceled my membership because I got too many shampoos, lip glosses and stuff I did not actually need. Also they gave a lot of drugstore products. Stuff I already know and I missed the excitement.

So when Skins announced on their Instagram page they where about to launch a box I felt like I just had to get it.

A box with finally some perfume included ! I was in Poland when I ordered it and was a bit scared my wi-fi connection would fail but I was lucky, and when I got home the box arrived and I had some nice products to test! Hooray!

I wanted to write this earlier. Since I already have this box at home for 2 weeks but I wanted to give an honest impression of all the products and what I think about them. Do not expect long reviews. It’s just a little impression 😉

This edition of the box is filled with populair and favorite products of Skins and their customers. I already knew all the brands but I am sure a lot of people don’t and it is a nice way to try something high-end for a fraction of the price.

The box is made of high quality cardboard and feels steady. Inside there is:

Bioeffect EGF Serum (sample, you can use this for at least one week) 

I liked this product. It really made my skin feel very soft and bright. The tiny bottle you get looks a little dull but you can really use it for a week straight. The product feels a little like a hair serum on the hands but it dries very quickly on my skin and makes it feel very moisturized.


Bioeffect Body Intensive (one sample for one use) 

Not sure if I like this after one use. It is to watery for my personal taste. Also did nothing special for my skin … but hey I am sure it would after a week of using it?


Molton Brown – Coco and Sandalwood Body Wash

This is a winner. This body wash smells like a perfume I would love to have. A very green and fresh coconut mixed with the nice spicy sandalwood. This is good for traveling!


35g Diptique candle in the scent Benjoin

I was happy to see that a Diptique candle was featured in this box because I never tried the brand. (Besides the perfumes). But .. I have to admit. This candle makes me feel a little sick sometimes. It is very very sweet and sticky, almost like marshmallows on a campfire. Might save this for wintertimes.

The quality by the way is amazing. Even though it is a very little candle, your whole room smells like it.


Susanne Kaufmann moisturizing mask 15 ml

Yes, this stuff is really great. The smell is very natural and relaxing. This mask really makes my skin feel like a baby. Reminds me a little of a mask by Sisley I once sampled.


10 ml of Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua universalis

LOVE this one. Stay tuned for a blogpost about this fragrance. It was also featured on my YT favorite-wishlist perfumes. 



Coola classic sunscreen for face sp 30 (sample size, good for one week use)

I like this! A very light and milky sunscreen for my face. Doesn’t feel greasy and works great with make-up. Scent is ok, nothing special.


Christophe Robin Regenerating shampoo with pear oil 75 ml

Ok, I am having a bit of a problem with this shampoo. First of all I love the scent. Also a little aldehyde-ish. But for some weird reason my hair really feels dry after using this shampoo?? Someone else also having this?


10 ML edp of Keiko Mecheri – Un Jour D’Ete 

And another great perfume. This one is very tropical and sexy. You can expect a separate blogpost about this scent too!


Patayka – Skin booster serum (oil) 15 ml


And I think this is one of my favorites. The Patyka oil. Smells really nice and fresh. Like it comes straight out of a garden. Works perfectly as a serum underneath daycream/nightcream, but also for dry hands, hair etc. Would really love to buy this in full-size!


This box was nice. Also I love to test something new and more on the high-end side. There are really some new favorites like the MFK perfume and the Patayka oil. Although I have a some troubles with the Diptique candle and shampoo, I am still going to finish the product because my opinion can change of course.

Hopefully Skins will launch a new box this year. I would love to try it again!

The box was €30 And I ordered it on the website of I know this is limited so it is not available anymore. But I still wanted to share this because I like to change things up on my blog.

Have a good day!

*this is not sponsored by the way.



Author: FragrancyKim

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