It has been quite a while since I got myself this scent. I believe it was 3 months ago already and I still have not written a blogpost about it.

I bought this scent because I finished my thesis and felt happy and released. But it was quite impulsive which I kind of regret.

When I went into the store I bought this perfume. I was not really sure what to get. I wanted to try something fresh and light, since I have quite a lot of heavy scents. And for the warmer weather … it is always good to have a great cologne.

So I searched and ended up talking with a salesman. He recommended me trying out the new Hermes colognes.

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The one I really disliked was the Mandarine one. I am not a fan of Mandarine notes in perfume and this cologne was just pure mandarine juice mixed with some other notes … it really made me feel horrible. I think this also really influenced the way I experienced the other Hermes colognes.

The rhubarb cologne was good. But not my type. Would have been better for a man in my opinion. But I am sure there are a lot of women that would love this. Maybe it is also because I don’t like rhubarb in food. It is actually one of the (very few) foods I really dislike because of it’s sourness.

So the last one was the Neroli cologne. And this was more my type of scent. Also very citrusy but different because of the saffron. There is this kind of bitter note in the perfume that is not listed but it smells like nutmeg.

After spraying the cologne on my arm I walked a round the store and started to really like it. Sunshine in a bottle definitely. But I still was not sure if I should get it.

The sales man that helped me with the perfumes asked other people in the store to take a sniff on my arm and tell their opinion. Which is fine to me, but I can imagine it can be a little uncomfortable for other people. Not sure if this was just a sales trick or really honest but everyone loved it and told me this cologne is mostly sold to men, but since it’s unisex it works also very good on women.

So when the scent kind of developed I decided to buy it. And now I kind of regret. Because:
This is a very fine and beautiful cologne, not the average but nothing to crazy.
The sillage is not good.
Projection is ok, but only for one hour.
Fades very easy, need to re-apply a lot.
Sometimes this can smell a little sour, especially in hot weather … and that’s the main reason I got this perfume. To wear in the Summer.

Expected something more deep by Hermes.

But don’t get me wrong. This is a beautiful cologne. But I could not wear this scent this season. So will try to wear this during the winter time and see how it works then.

*Have to say I love the packaging, the bottle is very heavy and pretty.

This cologne is for:

People that really really love light and citrusy / herbal kind of scents.

Want to smell fresh and natural.

Do not mind spending almost 100 euros on a cologne.


Price for 100 ml – 90 Euros. 


Thank you for reading!


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