Hi my friends. I am finally back with an actual blog-post. I have been more active on Youtube lately but right now I just had to write a blogpost about my experience at Lulua perfume store in Krakow.

As I told you guys. I went to Poland. I was there for two weeks with my boyfriend camping at a very nice campsite called: camp9. I really recommend this spot if you like nature, quietness and friendly people.

We have been visiting a lot around the town Tarnowsky Gory but Krakow was also on our list. When we decided we wanted to go there I searched on the very minimal Wi-fi in Poland for a perfume store with niche fragrances.

As soon as I found out Lulua was located in this beautiful city of Krakow, I wrote down the address and decided we would make a stop there.


So the moment of truth. Walking into a new perfume store is always exiting and fun because you never know what to expect!


I went to the Zoologist counter immediately. Focused mainly on Bat but also tried the other ones I haven’t smelled yet. Like Beaver!



I love the illustrations on the bottle and packaging. Honestly this was the first thing that got me interested in this brand. After that I started to read more and I got a sample pack all the way from Canada to Holland. Beaver was not the one I fell in love with … it was Bat. And I was sure I was gonna buy myself a bottle.


The store looks very classic and luxurious. A beautiful bouquet of flowers in the center surrounded by many brands.


There is a little counter in the corner of the store. Also you have the option to sit down. Here you can see me talking to one of the lovely ladies from Lulua Perfumes.


The store is separated in two parts. Skin/body products and perfumes. I haven’t visited the other part of the store because my main focus is fragrance but I am sure they have a lot of nice stuff over there as well.


The lady I have been talking to for almost one hour. Showed me a lot of great scents. She was very well educated and exited to show us brands that we didn’t knew.


I had the chance to smell the whole line of Slumberhouse perfumes. A brand I have fallen in love with and I kind of regret not buying a bottle …

The brands I tried are :

  • Nu_Be perfumes
  • Nasomatto (this means crazy nose in Italian!)
  • Zoologist
  • Slumberhouse
  • Beaufort
  • Etat Libre d’Orange
  • Ephemera  Unsound
  • Tom Daxon
  • And a very nice Polish perfume called: She Shihan by Piotr Czarneck

After smelling and smelling, my nose felt kind of dead so I had to stop but it was a very nice and wonderful experience. I really recommend this perfume store to anybody that is visiting Krakow.

Me and my boyfriend went home with Bat by Zoologist and Iridium by Tom Daxon. I have made separate video’s about these perfumes so if you are interested in further info please watch the video’s below.


Hope you guys liked this blogpost! Let me know what your opinion is on the perfume brands I told about!

– Kim

Author: FragrancyKim

The first Dutch perfume blog written by a girl. My name is Kim and I run the perfume blog Fragrancy. Fragrancy was born on April the 15th. I was looking for a place online to share my love for perfumes with other people. Besides this blog I work as a fulltime teacher.

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