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A very big update, things to tell… choices to make, etc!

Hey guys! It has been a while since I shared my stories here on my blog. I have been quite active on Youtube lately because I really love all the response I am getting over there. My channel has been growing over the past months and it gives me a lot of energy.

Besides that, many things are going on behind-the-scenes of Fragrancyblog! And today I finally felt like writing a blogpost and share some important things.

Currently I am at home. I strained my back. So I am not able to sit straight or walk normally … I have to take a few days off from work. So the only thing I actually can do, is watching perfume reviews on Youtube, typing, and … knit.


As some of you might know. I am working as a teacher. Besides that I have my little illustration studio at home. But in the past months I haven’t been working on any side project because 1: I am not interested in creating work for other people anymore. And 2: I don’t have any new clients, so I don’t have to.

I came to the conclusion that creating work just for myself, like sketches, etc is something I really enjoy doing. But working on logo’s, graphic design or whatsoever is something I don’t wanna do anymore. I have been sharing this same story with my friends and family a while ago. But I thought I would also share it on the blog :). That’s why I am going to close my studio this month and want to focus more on my job as a teacher. I have been thinking a long time about this. (Since I went to Poland in August) and it feels like the right thing to do for me. I really want to move on and invest my time and energy in other things.

The future of Fragrancy blog

Since my YT account is getting slowly more popular by day … I get more and more inspiration to create content for my channel. I try to upload one video a week, but if I had unlimited time, I would make one every single day! I get so much energy from all the comments and people that recommend or ask me stuff, it truly makes me happy. I want to invest more time in Fragrancy blog since perfumes or anything scent related is my hobby and I am proud to say I know quite a lot about this topic.

One thing I really want to do is to write more here on the blog. I still need to find some subjects I want to make a monthly topic of, or something like that.

I have also been lucky enough to get some samples to review by the brands:

Art de Parfum and Signature fragrances. I never really thought brands would send me some stuff to review! I really appreciate that. I also made 2 video’s about the brands so make sure to check out my YT channel.

  • And now some bullet-points because I love bullet-points.
  • I am going to meet Erwin Creed this Friday!
  • I almost hit the 400 subs on YT!
  • I can finally wear Guerlain’s Mitsouko!
  • My knitting skills are getting better.
  • I am currently doing an Instagram challenge.
  • I went to the Harry Potter in concert show and it was amazing.
  • Finally ordered a big Diptique candle.
  • I might adopt a cat this month …
  • I applied for the strong viking run 2017, after doing Mudmasters I feel like this is my kind of sport!
  • I got my hair cut last week after half a year …
  • I am currently reading 4 books at the same time. But … my goal was to read more.
  • I had an AMAZING halloween party !
  • I am interested in learning more about Reiki. But maybe more about that later.


By the way.


A while ago I created a Facebook page for Fragrancy. Make sure to like the page! 


For now, I say bye bye.


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