Date of the interview: 18 – 02 – 2017 

Location : Zeewolde – The Netherlands (at a birthday party).

The Interview.

Hey Remco hello! What kind of fragrance are you wearing right now?

Remco: What I am wearing at the moment? It’s Tommy for men.

And why are you wearing this one?

Remco: Well I got it as a present from my sister , and it’s one of the few perfumes I own at this moment.

It’s Tommy Hilfiger right ???

Remco: Yeah it is!

So , your sister gave this as a present. But did you girlfriend Beau also gave you a scent ??

Remco: Yeah also Tommy haha ! She just really likes it. That’s why she gave it to me as a present. 

Do you wear this because it’s the only one you own or do you like it a lot?


Remco: Yeah I really like it myself. But yeah … in the end it’s just really an easy choice because I got this so ….

Are there scents for women you really like? I know the ones Beau owns!

Remco: I really like J’Adore ! 

Why do you like it so much?

Remco: Yeah, I don’t know … I find it to be very … attractive.

J’Adore is like a competitor to Chanel N05. Do you find J’Adore to be a classic scent?

Remco: Yea and no, I find it to be fresh as well. 

It is quite floral.

Remco: Yeah it’s floral and sweet. Sorry I have to imagine the scent at the moment haha.

It’s ok hah! It’s normal with scents.

Ok let me think, what is a scent from your memory what you really like?

Remco: Well my parents really have cheap perfumes …. they are not so good. 

Did you remember which ones? Or can you describe the bottle?

Remco: Yes, it was like … a replica of a perfume. A red bottle, very tiny. 

Did they always wear those scents?

Remco: My mom did yes. 

And it was a replica right?

Remco: Yes it was.

How did you knew it was a replica?

Remco: Well I don’t remember the real name. But it was like, a little different. And the name was a little different on the bottle. 

Was it Amor Amor?

Remco: Yes ! And it smelled good for like a minute but after that …..

Most replica’s contain a lot of alcohol. So your mom never bought the original one?

Remco: No, she didn’t. I don’t think my mom cares a lot. She won’t spend a lot of money on herself. 

Well, Amor Amor is available for a pretty reasonable price. Around 30 euros! So it would be a great gift idea.

Do you have specific scents you really dislike on women?

Remco: Yeah like old lady scents ….. very sour. I really dislike it. 

Well some fragrances just smell really sour on some types of skin. Is there a scent you would like to own?

Remco: Well …. I used to have some kind of … army canteen. I really liked that one.

Was it red ?? Or maybe Hugo Boss?

Remco: Yeah it was ! I really like that one. If I would buy one for myself I would buy that one.

And what are the perfumes you own at the moment?

Remco: Tommy Hilfiger, Tommy … and that green one I got from your parents. From Esprit. And one from Diesel, fuel for life.

That one is more spicy right?

Remco: Yeah and that’s why I do not wear it that often.

When do you wear fragrance?

Remco: Daily.

Why do you wear perfume daily? Is it like a routine or?

Remco: Well I smoke so .. also to kind of smell better. And I like to smell fresh.

And when you don’t wear perfume for a day, do you miss it?

Remco: Yeah absolutely.

So it’s like a part of you.?

Remco: Yeah you can smell yourself.

Ok, and what if you could transfer food into a perfume. What would you choose?

Remco: Chocolate I guess.

Well there are perfumes that smell like chocolate. And what I gave you 500 euros. And you could choose any scent you would like what would you choose?

Remco: Phew, ……. well I am not that familiar with all the brands. I don’t think I would know. I would actually ask you for advice hahaha !

What does your dad wear?

Remco: Ehmm … also a budget one .. let me think … I guess it was Sun?

Jil Sander ?

Remco: Yeah, that’s the one. 

( Interrupted by my niece that was preparing snacks in a frying pan, we started talking about the smell of fried food ).

So you also have a Youtube channel about games. I once wrote a blogpost about games and perfume. It’s because I’m a visual thinker you know. When I see an image I immediately think of a scent. What is a game you really like ?

Remco: Well at this moment, it’s Zelda. 

And what if Zelda had his own fragrance, how would it smell?

Remco: Well a lot like nature. And fresh. Very green. 

Should it be unisex?

Remco: No, I think two types of perfumes. One for him and one for her. For her will be called Zelda. 

How would Zelda smell like?

Remco: Sweet. You know, I just associate sweet scents with women. 

So you really like sweet scents on girls right?

Remco: Not to sweet, like candy. But more floral and sweet I really like that. 

I know Beau also wears Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, do you like that one?

Remco: Yes that’s also a nice one. 

And what about Lolita Lempicka she wears? The little purple apple. Do you like that one?

Remco: Not for everyday, it’s quite heavy. But I like the dry down. The opening is to heavy.

It contains a lot of licorice.

And in general. What kind of scents do you just really dislike?

Remco: Well of course sweat. And let me think … the smell of yoghurt. 

Yogurt ???

Remco: Yeah haha, last week Beau was ill and in bed. She had like a bowl of yoghurt and muesli. I was sitting next to her and I just cannot stand that smell. It’s to sour.

You also dislike sour food right ?

Remco: Yeah I really dislike anything sour, so also with scents.

What do you think about a frying pan smell?

Remco: Haha! I actually like it makes me think of a frikdandel*

Hahah I know one smell that smells like a frying pan on my skin. It’s Mitsouko by Guerlain.

Remco: Oh and I remember. My mother used to baby sit a long time ago. And the mother of that kid worked in a snack-bar. When she came home she smelled like fries. That was really nasty. 

Do you like the scent of cigarettes?

Remco: Yes I do. But not on my hands, or in clothes. I currently don’t smoke that much anymore. When I go out with my friends to smoke and go back inside the house, it just smells really nasty. 

Do you like scented candles?

Remco: I like it, but it depends on the smell of course. 

Is there a scent you dislike?

Remco: Well I remember I was at a Rituals… store. And there was like one candle I really disliked. Very incense like. Patchouli I don’t like that.

What is the maximum amount of money you would spend on a fragrance?

Remco: For myself I would say 60 euros. But for Beau 100. I don’t want to give her anything cheap you know !


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*A frikandel is a Dutch speciality that is a mixture of different kind of meats with spices, fried and most of the time eaten with mayonaise.

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