Florabellio by Diptyque.

This scent was an unexpected treasure. But before we get into more details about the notes and other stuff …

The picture above is the exact vibe I get when I smell this scent. I want to work with more images in my reviews so it makes it easier for people to imagine how something would smell like.

By the way, don’t be fooled by the title of this article. It is a scent that smells like the ocean but it’s not fresh, aquatic or anything you might expect …


Sea salt in a fragrance.

Diptyque’s Forabellio is the first scent with an “ocean” kind of vibe that I actually like. I never really smelled anything like this and it’s mostly because of the sea salt in this perfume. It makes it really dry, and almost itchy to smell. But it really smells like salt water on a hot warm body including sand and suntan lotion.

Notes in Florabellio.

The name of this scent is also a bit misleading. I expected something to be very floral and green but it’s nothing like that at all.

The scent opens up with sea salt, sea notes and fennel. The fennel makes it a little bit more green and also reminds me a bit of seaweed. Following up by the notes of Osmanthus and Apple blossum. The dry down consists of dried coffee beans and sesame seed. That really just smell like sand mixed with lotion. *Well done Diptyque !

I imagine this scent to be even more awsome if it would include a fishy note like Thierry Muglers Womanity.


Performance and projection.

Florabellio has a medium projection but performs pretty good on the skin. It will last you for at least 5 hours. After that you have to re-apply it. Normally, very watery scents are not my cup of tea, but with this scent it’s ok.


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50 ml / 70 Euros

100 ml / 92 Euros

What is your favorite Diptyque scent?

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