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Warm copper make-up look with the Kat von D palette!

ogen.jpgKat von D shade + light palette.

I always wanted to do a make-up post, showing you what kind of products I use and really like. This is a look I wear quite often when I have little more time in the morning. I did not edited the pictures, so you won’t be fooled by Photoshop, studio lights etc. I tried to keep it quite natural. I used my beloved Kat von D shade-light palette for this look.

This look works perfectly for blue, green and brown eyes. And do not worry, I won’t become a beauty-blogger. I just really like playing around with make-up and I know a lot of my followers also love it.

Here are the products I have used. I will also tell you what I think about them so it’s kind of a review.

Products I have used for this look.

Moisturizer: Weleda Cold cream (Really recommend this if you have dry skin like me)




  • Mac 129 powder brush
  • Essence blush brush
  • Hema smokey eyes brush 259
  • H&M fluffy brush
As you can see, I use the product a lot so everything looks a bit scruffy hah!


I have not shaped my face that much. I wanted to have a more clean and pale look. I’m lucky enough to be born with very good skin. That’s why I have only used some concealer under my eyes to get rid of dark circles. Sorry for the little amount of hair on my shirt. Blame it on my pup!

dsc_0008I like to focus a lot on my eyes and brows. I think they really make the look more complete. Sometimes when I wear a red lip, I only wear some eyeliner or just mascara to balance it out. With this look I also concealed my brows a little to make them look even sharper.


I really like that this look looks quite natural even though I wear quite a lot of make-up.

DSC_0003.jpgThis is a look I like to wear on a weekend. Or when I wear something red. Like I do now in this picture.


So, that’s what I use and how it looks. Please let me know in the comments what you think of it or if you recommend me some products.



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