20 days polaroid challenge with the Instax mini 8!

IMG_0537.JPGTaking time to capture moments with the Instax Mini 8.

Hi readers! Today I share something I came up with yesterday. In this months issue of Flow Magazine, I got a free little photo book made of high quality paper and a cute design. I wanted to put some old pics in it but I realized I still have the Instax Mini 8 camera at home (it’s not mine btw).

So I came to the conclusion I might as well use that camera and take 20 photos this month. Every day one picture. (I already failed and took 3 in a day). But anyway …. I like to create some kind of challenges for myself and share them with my followers / readers. Feel free to join me. (Don’t forget to Tag me , otherwise I miss out!).


I will glue all the pictures in this little book and write a “caption” below it. In the end I will have a tiny photo album with random moments in my life. Expect a lot of frenchie pictures.

I will scan all the images and when the book is full I will upload a new post and tell you why I took these snap shots !

Ps: I did an other challenge on my Instagram 2 months ago , you can find it under the hashtag #fragrancyperfumechallenge. So many people joined me! I might create a new one this year for all my perfume lovers.

Schermafbeelding 2017-03-31 om 17.59.44.png

Join me this month!

You can follow my Instagram @fragrancyblog, this project is not sponsored by the way.

Thank you for reading, and in case you have not seen my new video yet …


Have a good weekend!




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