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Today I’m going to talk about a brand that deserves a lot more attention in the fragrance community. Nomaterra Fragrances.

For those of you that are not familiar, I will discuss all the scents of this brand in this article and give you my opinion on them in a short review.

About Nomaterra

In the video below the owners of the brand Agniezka and Benjamin explain how they started Nomaterra. The audio is not that great so I will explain more in text as well.


The start of Nomaterra fragrances.

Nomaterra Fragrances is a New York City-based company for nomads (Noma) of the earth (Terra) formed by the globe-trotting husband and wife team of self-taught perfumer Agnieszka (Aggie) and Benjamin Burnett. They create beautiful, luxurious scents with natural and organic ingredients inspired by a unique location. Source: Link 

Nomaterra also sells scented candles, definitely check out their website here. Everything is beautifully designed and feels like pure luxury.

the scent quiz

Also, the website of Nomaterra includes a scent quiz where you can discover your scent style. I always love quizzes especially fragrance related so I took the test and the result was Tobacco Leaf.



Malibu Honeysuckle 

Happy bright and a little bit sweet. Citrus, roses, vanilla … it’s not really something unique to me. But it is a good scent. Definitely for women.

Cape Cod Wild beach rose

Spring, shower fresh, and roses. I love this one and it reminds me so much of Florabellio by Diptyque. Click here for my review.

This scent contains sea salt, floral notes, even mountain air is a note. I did not even knew that was possible but I like it!

Boston Tobacco Leaf

Woody, smoky, and green. But I just wish it would last longer than 2 hours on my skin … This is one of my favorites from Nomaterra. And also one of the first scents I actually can wear containing tobacco leaf.

New Orleans Datura

Spicy, herbal, sexy, seductive. Yeah this one is great ! It’s like diving into a chocolate shop and drinking cognac. There is something mysterious about this, definitely worth trying out. I think this works great on man and women.

Brooklyn Violet Leaf

Metallic, green, nature like, a very well done fresh scent. I really like the sharpness in this one. The combination with the tobacco and leather makes it delicious. It kind of reminds me of Comme de Garcons 2. That also haves that metallic note.

DC Cherry Blossom

Expected it to be a lot sweeter, it’s peppery, fresh. Described as a citrus-gourmand, I wish this had a little more depth to it.

Savannah Magnolia

Sweet, happy and busy. Very fruity and floral. Like a cocktail on a hot day. I find this scent to be ok. It’s just not my taste. It smells like of teenage / child-like to me.

East Hampton Atlantic White Cedar

Like a walk on a pier, with fresh wind, the smell of wet wood and salty air. I really like this one and Nomaterra really captures this moment so well. It’s a citrus overload so if you are not a fan of that you might as well skip this.

Oahu Gardenia

This scent is tropical for me, yet fresh and flowery. I find it to be very clean and lady-like.

Miami Orange Blossom

Boom, here is your sweet scent! Really sticky, lipstick-smelling, and a lot of sweat. I love this! The scent contains notes of melon, coconut, Ylang-Ylang, and amber and a lot of vanilla. Hmmm!

Benjamin & Agnieszka

Price tag

The scents come in very pretty bottles but Nomaterra also sells rollerballs.

Rollerballs retail for $60 for 10 ml.

Bottles are about $150 for 50 ml



There are a few scents I absolutely love. I think the whole concept of the brand is also great. Each scent belongs to a specific and existing place so it’s easy to get like that “vibe” in combination with he scent. I think Nomaterra is a brand that sells fragrances that just cannot live without their story. It makes the perfume a lot more interesting and it creates visons in your head what I really like.

I hope you guys have a great Easter weekend!

Much love,


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