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Last minute mothers day gift ideas!

Because she is the best.

Hi guys, upcoming Sunday it’s Mothersday in The Netherlands. A good chance for you to give your mum something special. I made a list for you with my recommendations. Of course there will be a lot of perfumes included but I also found some other nice things. If you are still not sure what to give after this article just buy a bouquet! Flowers are always a good idea.

Oh by the way, I believe in always giving your mum attention or a gift now and then. But since a lot of people celebrate Mothersday I decided to write an article about it.

Perfumes for your mom.

My special selection:

Givenchy – Dhalia Noir EDP

A beautiful powdery and classy perfume.

I think this is perfect for the office, but it still has a bit of an edge.

Price: around 60 Euros.


Narciso Rodriguez – For Her l’absolu

This one is a little more intense and more something your mom could wear on a night out or a party. But it’s definitely a very pretty scent with also a little bit of something different. This has a great projection and sillage.


Price: Around 80 Euros.


Chanel Coco Edp

A classic. I think most mums know this perfume or at least have smelled this before. I find it to be such a pretty and luxurious perfume. The way it develops on the skin is just amazing. If you want to give your mum a Chanel scent I would go for Coco because I find this one to be the most grown up. (Besides N05 but not everyone can appreciate it).

Price : Around 90/100 Euros.


Anna Yake – Miyabi edp

Besides the beautiful bottle (which is a gift on it’s own), this is the perfume you want to give to a mum that loves her fresh scents. I think Miyabi is a very very delicate and put-together lady. She knows her stuff. It’s also a little bit sweet.


Price:  Around 70 Euros.


Bath & body for your mom.


Acqua di Parma – Blue Med Fico – Body Lotion

Beautiful body lotion with the scent of the sea and figs.

Price : 54 Euros.


Lush – Dream wash Roulade

I love the texture of the roulades by Lush. Also it is fun to play with in the shower.

Price: 8 euros / 100 grams.


Rituals – Happy Buddha (the orange line).

Everything from the Happy Budda line by Rituals. The reasons why I include this is because my mom is obsessed with this. I gave her a deluxe box filled with all the products for her birthday this year. I also use the bodycream.

Prices : Depends on the products. A deluxe box is 40 Euros.


Candles for your mom.

Skandinavisk РSkog 

I discovered this brand in Norway. Fell in love with it. Now I am sad my candle is empty.
This candle smells like a forest. Like .. a true forest.

Price : Around 30 euros.


Woodwick – Campfire Marshmallow

Very smoky and sweet, this candle crackles as it burns. Also has so many burning hours ….. I don’t know a brand that can top that.

Price for a large one: 40 Euros. (see picture).



10 other ideas to give to your mom.
  1. Take her out for a nice dinner in a restaurant she doesn’t know.
  2. Make her a special box filled with her favorite kind of teas and chocolate. Or surprise her by making your own mix.
  3. Bake an apple pie.
  4. Write a letter. (And include a beautiful card, I know Sissy Boy has some pretty ones).
  5. Photo frame with a picture of you two.
  6. A beautiful (hand knitted) scarf.
  7. Take her with you on a workshop. Something you both like.
  8. A ticket for a concert. Drinks are up to you.
  9. If your bank account is loaded – Take her on a trip to Venice. Succes is included.
  10. A subscription to a magazine of her choice.


I hope you guys have a nice Mothersday. Ofcouse I cannot share what I bought for my mom. Maybe she read this posts ;-).

Much love!





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