New soap discovery.

I love using soaps. And for the people that know me in person, also know that I always have one block in my bathroom. Lately my boyfriend is also using just soap to wash his body. His favorite is the Figs and leafs soap by Lush. (Which I also love).

But today we are going to talk about a new discovery. Aleppo Soap. This soap has a very interesting background story and I would love to share some more info. I also bought myself a block of Aleppo Soap (you can see it in the picture above) and I will tell you what I think of it.

Ancient product.

Aleppo Soap is originally from Aleppo, a city in Syria. The recipe is 4000 years old, and all the soaps are made from October till November. The olive oil in the Aleppo soap will be mixed with water and soda. For three days straight, the oil will be cooked. By the end of this process, laurel berry oil is added. After the drying process the soap will be cut up on blocks but still has to dry 9 months after that ! Because of the drying the soap turns a little brown/green from the outside.


  • Aleppo Soap is great for people with dry or sensitive skin.
  • You can wash your hair with it.
  • Aleppo soap is 100% natural.
  • Even though Syria is not a very stable country, the soap is still being produced.

In the clip below, you will see how the soaps are made.

Scent & Feeling

The scent of the Aleppo soap is quite unique. I have to be honest, I really had to get used to it. It’s not something like a Lush soap or a soap from a well known brand. In fact, I think the people creating the soap do not really care about the scent at all. I have been using the soap for 2 days straight. And I am starting to really appreciate it.

Most of the time, my skin will get dry after using soap as a body wash. I do not find it a problem, because I apply moisturizer afterwards I shower. However, this soap does not make my skin feel dry at all. Why didn’t I knew this product earlier?

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Where to buy & price.

Aleppo soap is sold in a lot of countries. I found my block of soap in an organic skincare store. I also bought myself some nice incense over there. Stay tuned for an incense post soon!

Make sure you buy an original soap. How to see if your soap is original?


  1. Brown from the outside, green from the inside.
  2. The block is not perfectly square. Everything is hand-made so nothing looks “perfect”.
  3. A very special scent, smells like olive oil or laurel oil.
  4. Stamp of the creator. 
  5. The soap is not foamy.
  6. It floats in water.
  7. Origine Syrie en/ Made in Syria

The one I got is 200 grams and was 5 Euros.

Start using soap for a better world.

Less plastic! More plants! I am a firm believer of using as much natural things you can. Starting by using soap is a great idea. Besides that it will save you a lot of money, that you can spend on perfumes ;-).

Have a nice day!



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