Cedro di taormina

Hi guys! Today I am going to talk about a beautiful scent by the brand of Aqua di parma. I’m a huge fan of the Blu Mediterraneo line  that consists of seven fragrances conjuring up the energy, sun and colours of the Italian Mediterranean. One of my other favorites is Fico di Amalfi.

Today I will talk about Cedro di taormina. Italian for : Cedar of Taormina. (Taormina is a city on the island of Sicily).

The inspiration for the perfume

In the video below created by Aqua di parma, you can see that exactly inspired the perfumer to create this scent.

What do I smell?

At first I smell quite a lot of citrus notes. Like freshly squeezed limes and lemons in a bowl with ice. It also reminds me somehow of Limoncello. A great drink from Italy. (You guys need to try this really!) Mixed with soap. This scent is definitely for the people that love their fresh cologne type of scents.

The lavender is not very prominent, I did not even smell it at first. I think there is only a very little amount of lavender is this scent. I find the vetiver and cedar to be very sharp but it mixes so well with the labdanum and the pepper. The pepper makes this scent a little different than your usual “fresh citrusy Summer scent”. There is something really addictive to this. I love how brands can create a fresh and light Summer perfume without being un-original. Like Diptyques Florabellio, with the scent of sea salt! 

I think Acqua di parma did a great job with this perfume. It’s perfectly unisex and perfect for warm weather. Besides the perfume, ADP also has a bodylotion and body wash with this scent. I only miss some scented sticks because I would love this smell in my living room!

Price: 75 Euros for 75 ml. 





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