The Unicorn Spell

I don’t know why but for some reason I am always attracted by “things” that include the word Unicorn. It automatically makes me think of rainbows, forest, fairy dust, moonlight and glitter. So it’s not a surprise I am going to review The Unicorn Spell by Les Nez as the first one out of the 4 samples I got. (Thank you Stefanie Jahn)!

Les Nez

I never had so much trouble finding a good image or information about a brand. The website of Les Nez seems to be not finished and doesn’t load very well on my Macbook … Also the images are all bad quality and there is a Variety of bottles I found on Google. Anyway, the brand describes The Unicorn Spell as:

… feels like a search for the unicorn in a dark, damp forest. The unicorn’s presence can be felt, the steam of her breath hangs frozen in the air, the trails shimmer under the quiet mist of her magical spell, but we can’t find her yet …

The perfume is created by Isabelle Doyen. She also created one of my favorite Annick Goutal fragrances: Musc Nomade. (And many other Annick Goutal scents).

Notes in The Unicorn Spell + How does it smell?

This perfume has a very dominant violet note. So if you don’t like violets in scents this might not be the one for you … it also contains green notes (that smell like wet plants) and woody notes (I smell a bit of cedarwood). There is something very crisp about this perfume. Like morning dew in a forest. I think of the start of the day before sunset. I imagine the Unicorn to walk slowly trough the wet grass, companied by bugs and fairies.

To me, it’s a perfect fresh scent that can be worn everyday. But I don’t think a lot of people will love it. I think violet is a hard note to wear and I also had to get used to it myself. I recommend trying Guerlain Insolence EDP if you want to get into violet perfumes. (This one is powdery and sweet). Also Lush – Kerbside Violet is a lot easier to wear.

Very indie

This scent is definitely very “indie” or “niche” an not for everyone. I find it to be more an experience. The downside of the perfume is that it only last for 2 hours on my skin ! Which is not a lot because this scent is not cheap.

Price : 120 USD. 


I think The Unicorn Spell is a great scent to experience and smell, but I don’t think it is worth buying a very large bottle of. It is not that “wearable” and not a “people-pleaser”. Of course you have to decide for yourself if you do want to wear this everyday but I think it is just not really appropriate for a lot of occasions.

In the upcoming weeks I will review more perfumes by Les Nez so tay tuned !

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