Sulphur [16S]

Nu_be is a brand I have seen many times when I visited Skins cosmetics in Amsterdam. I just never seemed to be attracted by it, because I thought the packaging very strange. But, when I visited Krakow last year, I finally had the chance to smell some of the nu_be perfumes. I cannot remember the ones I smelled but it was definitely not Sulphur [16S].

“nu_be is a perfume reserve to be drawn upon, a challenge made up of sudden fulgurations, secret and steeped in mystery.” 
(Fluidounce, June 2012)

The concept of nu_be

nu_be speaks of the origins of the universe, of that primordial magma that gave birth to the stars, a material still in fusion that harks back to Chaos, a state preceding finished Form. Something spiritual and cosmic that recalls the uncontaminated matter of the bowels of the Earth. The unexpected experience of an outcrop of pure materials, each hidden within another. (From the nu_be website). 

What do I smell ?

The brand describes Sulphur as :

“Sulphur represents the demonic spirit, the darkness. A juice coming from the shadows, a satanic elixir… Notes revealing the bowels of the earth…”

And I can agree with that. This is not a friendly scent. Sulphur is a perfume that is like burned metal. It pierces trough your skin and bones. The scent of a murderer.


Cinnamon, Angelica, Rosemary, Costus, Grapefruit, Castoreum, Opoponax, Cedar, Guiac wood, Oakmoss.

As you can see, there is Angelica in this scent. It’s a very typical smell and reminds me of me as a kid building tree houses on a rainy day in my neighborhood. It has a very sad feeling to it. This perfume could be describes as herbal or balsamic with an icy / metal undertone. Like rusty nails.

I find this perfume wearable, but I can imagine not many people would. At first I felt kind of shocked after opening the packaging and smelling the scent. (Also the packaging is really really weird). It also has a very hemp kind of scent by the way, but it’s not a note that was listed by the perfumer.

I found a link to Notino where you can get this for 150 euros. But I am sure you can find it for less since it was reduced in price a while ago in a lot of perfume stores.

I must say I am very curious about all the other perfumes by this brand. This one really triggered a scenery in my mind and that’s what I really like about it. I think this is more of an experience scent than something wearable for the mass.

Thank you guys for reading.

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