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Sarah Jessica Parker is not unknown in the perfume world. Her scent Lovely is sold so many times and almost everyone knows how it looks and smells. So it was about time SJP had to come up with something new. And she did!

(Even tough I find Lovely to be a very good bang for your buck scent, it’s not my type of perfume.)


SJP told in an interview with VOGUE how she created the perfume and what perfume does for her.

 “It’s almost like passing along something illegal” she said.

A true gem you can find in most drugstores!

Ok, let’s talk about this perfume. Because I’m already telling you that I absolutely love it and I think it is way better and original than her famous scent Lovely.

Let me tell you in some bullet-points why I like this so much.

  • You can wear this in cold or warm weather.
  • It has a very good projection and sillage.
  • It is unisex.
  • The bottle is pretty.
  • It smells niche.
  • It’s very surprising for a celebrity scent.
  • It is cheap.
  • You can get this at most drugstores.
  • It already got me a lot of compliments.

So already a lot of points I think that are VERY important for being called: “A good scent”.

What do I smell ?

Stash is woody and aromatic. The scent has a very warm and cozy feeling to me. It’s almost a little bit Shalimar-like. (I know I’m being very tricky with saying this but it has the same effect on me as Shalimar). But, because of the coconut note it makes it also very wearable in Summer.

The inspiration for the perfume was : Body odor, church, leather, and mens fragrances.


  • Citrus, black pepper, sage.
  • Atlas Cedar, Patchouli, White ginger lily, pistachio.
  • Olibanum, Massoia Wood, Vetiver, Musk



Starts at 20 euros till 40.


Much love,



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