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Wedding perfumes part ll

Wedding perfumes

Hi friends! A while ago I posted an article. I wrote about my search for the perfect wedding perfume. Yesterday night Jesper and I got ahead of planning some more things like a DJ and ideas for our cake. And I started thinking about this topic I kind of forgot.

In the past months I have been trying and testing a lot ! I also got myself some new bottles (I recently made 2 video’s of my updated perfume collection). And some people have also sended me some stuff to try out. In the other article I talked about :

  • Christian Dior – Diorissimo EdT
  • Valentino – Valentina Poudre EdP
  • Amour Elegant Hayari Parfums EdP
  • Guerlain – Le Plus Beau Jour de Ma Vie – EdP
  • Fredric Malle – Iris Poudre EdP
  • Chanel N019 EdT

The only one that really stood out to me was Diorissimo, but unfortunately my fiancee doesn’t find it that great. So I am back with 3 others scents and I am pretty sure it’s going to be one of these.

Please note that I will get married in November, so it’s gonna be cold!

Frederic Malle – Lipstick Rose (I have a 15 ml travel spray).  

Notes of: Rose, Violet, Musk, Vanilla, Vetiver, Grapefruit and Amber.

It’s very powdery. And reminds me a lot of Maison Margiela Replica Lipstick on. Lipstick rose is less sweet and more powdery and warm. I find it a little bit more adult-like. It has a very good performance and smells exactly how a luxury lipstick should smell like. Or the inside of a make-up bag.

I noticed I am really into powdery scents when I want to find something for my wedding, a date, or special occasions. I just associate powdery with class


Diptyque – Ofresia (I own a 50 ml bottle). 

Notes of : Pepper, Fresia, Woody notes (like Cedar).

This is my all-time favorite Fresia perfume. It smells like a fresh bouquet. I have talked about this so much on my Youtube channel I think people are getting a bit crazy haha!

The reason why I love this so much for my wedding day, is because my wedding bouquet will also includes these beautiful flower. It also one of the few flowers I really like the smell of. I’m even thinking of burning the ofresia candles at the ceremony. (I used to have one and I constantly keep thinking about it).


Chantal Thomas – Osez-Moi! (I own a full-size bottle).

Notes of: Piony, Camomile, Vanilla, Vetiver, Plumeria, Rose.

Warning! MEGA powdery ! But guys this one is so good ! I know it’s very hard to get your hands on this, and I am lucky that I got this as a gift, but it is such a pretty powdery and romantic perfume … if you have the chance just smell and buy it!



What should I do?

I have also been thinking about wearing a different scent during the ceremony than at night. I think Ofresia would be perfect for ceremony and dinner, and Osez-Moi more for the party mood. If you have suggestions please let me know in the comments. I wanted to share this with you guys because finding a wedding scent is very important for me.

What is ‘he’ going to wear?

I am not really sure. We went perfume shopping a while ago and he always comes back to Aqua di Parma … I also really liked Green Irish Tweed by Creed on him, but he was not really a fan of it. I also really liked By Kilian Back to Black but unfortunately it was a little to sweet on his skin. If you want to ask Jesper himself , send him a message on Twitter @Jhaaren.


Frederic Malle – Lipstick Rose / 50 ml – 130 Euros.

Diptyque – Ofresia / 50 ml – 70 Euros.

Chantal Thomas – Osez-Moi! / 50 ml – 66 Euros (but it’s always out of stock and you can find really expensive ones on Ebay …).


Thank you guys for reading, stay tuned for more wedding post. The next one is going to be about my bouquet!

Much love,



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