Terre d’ Ylang by Indices perfumes

Today I’m going to review a new brand! It’s been a while ago I was contacted by the brand of Indices if I was ok with smelling some samples. Of course I am ! And this week the package came in. I decided it was time for a review since I really think niche brands (especially from Europe) need more attention. And to make it even more special: This is a niche brand from Belgium! Hello neighbors !

Story of Indices

Born of the passion for perfumes of Olga and Hubert Alexandre, who work and live in Brussels and have founded the store Parfum d’amber , Indices parfums is one of the very few belgian perfume brands. Proud of this belonging, they still insist on the openness and cosmopolitanism of the brand. Indices is the result of a collaboration between perfumers of different origins and, even though there will be perfumes rooted in belgian landscapes, the sources of inspiration can be as diverse as Eastern Europe, the Comoros islands or imaginary locations. Each collection will have its own, coherent direction.

Terre d’ Ylang

Terre d’Ylang is a serie of three perfumes made in collaboration with the NGO and fosters sustainable production of ylang-ylang essential oils in the Comoros. This is of gret importance as old production methods would lead to complete deforstation of the archipelago, endangering nature and local economy alike, as well as depriving perfumery of one of the finest materials in the world.

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Review of the Terre d’ Ylang perfumes


The perfumer used iodic notes to embellish the Ylang-ylang heart and refer the sea turtles who lay their eggs on the beach of the island. Oceanic and floral notes intermingle in an astonishing – and seducing – fragrance.

What do I smell?

At first a lot of Ylang Ylang, I also feel like there is some vanilla going on here. It’s very sweet, almost Almond like. Very tropical and sun-tan lotion to me. I think scents that contain a lot of Ylang-Ylang really smell sensual and that’s definitely the case with this. It has a slight freshness to it, but in a weird sweet way. It’s like a little breeze. This one has a very intense projection by the way. After spraying this my clothes and skin smelled good for so long !


The perfume was composed with the rich and colourful traditional wedding ceremony in mind. Deep, warm and intoxicating, it has a creamy, fruity floral heart, enlightened by spicy notes of Cayenne pepper and cardamom.

What do I smell?

A very nice peppery sweet, vanilla kind of scent. Also very floral. I can really feel the “wedding” inspiration the perfumer had while creating this. This is a very sensual yet uplifting perfume. I also reminds me a little of the scent of Kofola, it’s a Czech type of soda you can only buy over there ! This one is very feminine and I would not wear this as a man since it’s very warm and sugary. Also this is very sensual and sexy. It’s a coconut scent without coconut if that makes sense ! When the skin skins into my skin I get this very sea salt caramel scent .. hmmm!


The perfume recalls the impression one has when approachig the island in an airplane : first, light green notes render the canopy, then war, earthy notes such as tonka bean or vanilla from Anjouan.

What do I smell?

This one is definitely the most unisex out of the three. It has that crisp note of greens with the sweet notes of tonka. It’s almost a little bitter, sea salt like, and again with this perfume I really like the concept because I can totally relate to this. This is a great Summer perfume for both man and woman. I am really surprised!

What do I think?

First impression, very good. I think all of these perfumes are Summer scents, they are all sweet and more on the womanly side besides Anjouan. My favorite is Moroni, a beautiful fruity floral with some spices that makes it extra special. It’s almost like a tropical cocktail on the beach. It’s very happy, summery and uplifting. Moheli is definelty a true Ylang-Ylang scent which you have to prefer. I find this one to be the most suitable for colder weather, it’s very very sensual and reminds me of sand and teacher at night.

So … I am very positive about these perfumes. Just really everything you want in a Summers fragrance is here ! Besides the stories, I also like the navy blue and yellow they used to design their bottles and style. Definitely a must smell !

Prices, etc.

There is currently a promotion on the full-size bottles!

A sample pack : 3x 2ml = 5,00 Euros

10 ml : 25 Euros

Full size bottle : 98 Euros


Thank you guys for reading!

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