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Guerlain Mon Precieux Nectar

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Hi guys! Welcome back to Fragrancyblog. Today I will write about a scent that is new to my nose: Guerlain’s mon Precieux Nectar. I was lucky enough to get a decant from someone who also joins the Dutch Fragrance community on Facebook. I posted an update about wedding perfumes and I got so many recommendations. (Yes I know the day is coming closer and I still have not decided yet … )

I was actually thinking about making a video review on this but I decided to write one. I miss writing to be honest …

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Luxury in a bottle

Guerlain describes Mon Precieux Necatar as an : Exquisite skin-caressing scent. The perfume is actually an extract. That’s why the price is so high but we’ll talk about that later. Mon Precieux comes in a 125 ml bottle with the iconic bee-design.

On the ‘perfumers secrets part’ of the Guerlain site the following text is placed:

The fragrance showcases a sweet, honeyed orange blossom for a breathtaking aura and addiction.
Mon Précieux Nectar: the most beautiful production by the Guerlain bee.

So I read honey, bees, nectars, and skin-caressing. For some reason I am REALLY attracted by this! I had no expectations of this at all. Hoping for this to be another lovely scent by Guerlain. (Still is one of my favorite perfume houses).

What do I smell?

Image via Pinterest (unknown source).

I smell a lot of honey, milky almonds, incense, mixed with oranges and white flowers. There is something in this that kind of reminds me of Alien Essence Absolue. The perfume has a very oily concistancy and my skin soaks it up like a sponge.

It’s very soft. I imagine this smell to be the signature of a classy woman, that just took a bath in a luxurious bathroom filled with flowers and candles. It’s elegant yet sexy. Not very modern in my opinion.


This perfume needs patience

Mon Precieux Nectar definetely  needs patience. It’s a very interesting composition and it smells expensive. When you get a whiff of this you just get the almondy-milky smell but by smelling closer to the wrist, there is a whole world to discover. It’s not something I would wear for someone else but more for myself to enjoy.

There is quite a lot of incense in this that I all ready smell from the start. I love this ingredient but I’m sure not everybody does. It makes the perfume more old-fashioned in a way, that is not very common in today’s modern perfumes.

This is a perfume you buy because you LOVE the house of Guerlain, their amazing bottles that look great on your vanity or in your bathroom, or that you get as a gift from a rich uncle that you never talk to …

In this image (that comes from an Ebay seller) you can see it comes in a luxurious box with also the option to spray the scent in a very classy way. This is just pure luxury in a bottle. And I can hear you thinking what is the price tag … ?


Depends on where you find it. On Ebay they sell for around 300 Euros. But like I said, it’s very exclusive and besides that it’s an extract so you have the best of the best.

Would I pay the money for it?

Honestly, no. I love it very much but to me it’s just a little to weak. I like my perfumes to be a little bit more stronger. Also, you shouldn’t buy it just for the bottle since Guerlain is releasing a lot of their fragrances like Insolence, Samsara, etc in the iconic bee-bottle again! These go for around 60 euros. So that would be a better price right !

So guys, what do you think about this scent? Is it worth the money or not?

Thank you for reading.

Much love,


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